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Subscript in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2017-08-31Updated:2017-08-31
Similar words: subscriptionsubscribescriptsubscribersubscribedsubscribe toscriptedprescriptMeaning: ['sʌbskrɪpt] n. a character or symbol set or printed or written beneath or slightly below and to the side of another character. adj. written or printed below and to one side of another character. 
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1. Using subscript comma and subscript semicolon notation a standard space-time derivative is written whilst a covariant derivative is written.
2. The measurement results of op tical rotation show that the conformation of NaCS(subscript MC) is regular in neutral or weak alkaline solution.
3. Adenosine A(subscript 2A) receptors are selectively localized in basal ganglia and can affect the locomotor activity.
4. Accounting the key point of building dynamic model to be setting up 2 steps tensor T(subscript ia) and 3 steps tenser T(subscript ibc) and assembling the equivalent mass matrix.
5. A unique number, called an index or subscript, combined with the shared variable name distinguishes each element in the array.
6. The subscript was used on a variable that was not an array.
7. The subscript operator must be defined as a class member function.
8. To create superscript or a subscript do the following.
9. Subscript: Small character printed below the base part of mathematic equation Inferior character.
10. The damages in the propellant can be characterized by E(subscript 5%) dewetting energy, permanent stain,[] and S-shape curve of propellant.
11. When total heating power P or cooling water flow rate Q increases, heat transfer performance of the heat pipe cold plate is enhanced and R(subscript th) decreases under experimental tilt obliquities.
12. Next, the subscript expression is evaluated.
13. The array subscript is a non integer expression.
14. Objective: To examine the regulatory effect of corticotrophin-releasing hormone on glutamate-mediated current I(subscript GLU in cultured hippocampal neurons and to study the related mechanism.
15. After compaction, there is no obvious relationship between layer number and the final compaction V(subscript f) of tackified fabric, which still influenced by tackifier contents.
16. The results showed the addition of PCU decreased the T(subscript g) of PC, increased the interfacial bonding force between the two phases, resulted in improving the compatibility of PC/TPU blend.
17. Octal numbers are identified by a trailing 8 subscript.
18. Diuron (DCMU) blocks the electron transporting from Q(subscript A) to Q(subscript B) in the thylakoid membrane.
19. Layer E(superscript 1 subscript 3) in north area of west Qaidam Basin develops good clastic rock. Reservoir properties and diagenesis have a big relevance.
20. Result ADSC(subscript S) were able to attach, grow and proliferate well on the scaffolds.
21. This last result can be expressed in a more compact form using the subscript comma notation for space-time derivatives:.
22. With respect to the principal disjunctive normal form and the principal conjunctive normal form, we also approach the properties of the subscript sets derived from the minimum term and maximum term.
23. Returns or sets the text content of an arbitrary cell ( single subscript ).
24. Some of the safe mobile codes may be rejected to execute, since there is no way to verify statically that the symbol range value of an array subscript expression in PCC.
25. This software is adaptive to various expressions with professional math symbols as well as subscript and superscript.
26. Individual characters in strings can be referenced with array subscript style notation, as in C.
27. In hardware, it often represents a register. For example, the B box, the subscript box.
28. More generally, a value or set of values, such as an index register or a subscript, used to locate specific data.
29. Tectonic movement of Keping block is strong and concentrative active region of Xinjiang M ( subscript S ) 6 earthquake.
30. Discuss the pros and cons of implementing this operation using the subscript operator.
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