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Subnet in a sentence

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(1) However the marrying of one subnet per wiring closet is problematic.
(2) Subnet mask is a 32-bit address, IP address used to shield part of the difference between a network address and host address.
(3) The subnet mask is an octet that uses the number 255 to represent the network address portion of the IP address and a zero to identify the host portion of the address.
(4) Deploy the InfiniBand switch with an active subnet manager from the hardware management console, as shown in Listing 10.
(5) OSPF was designed to support variable - length subnet masking ( VLSM ) or Classless Inter - Domain Routing ( CIDR ) addressing models.
(6) Use the standard subnet mask for a class C network,
(7) To understand how subnet masks are used to distinguish between hosts, networks, and subnetworks , examine an IP address in binary notation.
(8) Check the subnet masks for consistency.
(9) But first, time to pick a new subnet and let sniff the dogs of war.
(10) Configure IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateway addresses on routers and hosts.
(11) In the usual case, all clients within a given subnet use the same proxy.
(12) All of the bits in the network address portion of the IP address are set to 0. Please enter a valid combination of IP address and subnet mask.
(13) Each host in the LAN will have the same network address (, broadcast address (, subnet mask (, and domain name (
(14) Mo bile - government can be seen as a subnet of e - governm ent.
(15) We develop a stable and powerful, yet simple, statistical procedure to estimate the size of the whole network from subnet data.
(16) The clou of the fire wall technology is to creat a relatively safe subnet environment in the unsafe Internet environment.
(17) This error message appears when the destination contains one or more bits set to 1 in bit locations where the corresponding subnet mask bit is set to 0.
(18) In other words, there cannot be a bit set to 1 in the destination if the corresponding bit in the subnet mask is a 0.
(19) The Trojan sends spoofed ARP packets to gateways and other computers on the same subnet.
(20) PowerNetConfig in Win 2000 system changes hostname, IP, Gateway, Subnet Mask and Proxy Server 2.
(21) All of the bits in the host address portion of the IP address are set to 0. Please enter a valid combination of IP address and subnet mask.
(22) In this paper a new analytic model, i. e. a 3 link and 3 node computer communication subnet model of integrated switching with multiple inputs applied to each node is proposed by the author.
(23) Therefore, it can reduce one time data handling, 3) divide application data into blocks that content the demand of effective load of communication subnet MTU to avoid IP fragments.
(24) Subnet mask is mainly used to define the network number, host number of IP address and divide one heavy IP network into several subnets.
(25) Check to determine whether there are bits in the destination that are set to 1 for the portion of the destination that is the host address (as defined by the subnet mask).
(26) A matching network FOR the specified IP address could not be found. Please also specify a subnet mask and a cluster network.
(27) The Master switch polls the network for all slave and Masterswitches in the subnet and displays a list of the switches in theStacking Services menu.
(28) Every host in the LAN will have the same network address, broadcast address, subnet mask, and domain name because those addresses identify the network in its entirety.
(29) Firstly, it introduces related definition and system model of Subnet physical topology discovery algorithms.
(30) You have a class C network, and you need to design it for 5 usable subnets with each subnet handling a minimum of 18 hosts each. Which of the following network masks should you use?
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