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Submitter in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2019-06-11Updated:2019-06-11
Similar words: submit tosubmittalsubmitresubmitemitterremittertransmitterintermittentMeaning: n. 1. someone who yields to the will of another person or force 2. someone who submits something (as an application for a job or a manuscript for publication etc.) for the judgment of others. 
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1. Riligion converts despair, which destroys, into resignation, which submits. 
2. They are inviting talented, but unheralded film-makers to submit examples of their work.
3. In desperation, Mrs. Jones submitted to an operation on her right knee to relieve the pain.
4. The developers submitted building plans to the council for approval.
5. He submitted his proposal for urban development to the city council.
6. Builders will then be sent the specifications and asked to submit a tender for the work.
7. Local authorities should submit schemes to the relevant minister for approval.
8. I submitted my papers to the examiner.
9. Please submit the document to me.
10. These days it seems we must all submit to the tyranny of the motor car.
11. We protested about the changes for a long time, but in the end we had to submit.
12. Some of you have not yet submitted your homework to me.
13. I hope you can submit your term papers before the deadline.
14. Following this critique, students rewrite their papers and submit them for final evaluation.
15. All applications must be submitted by Monday.
16. Applicants interested in applying for the position should submit their CVs to the Anatomy Department no later than February 15.
17. Invoices must be submitted by the 24th of every month.
18. Should you submit yourself to him?
18. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
19. I submit that this should be allowed.
20. Completed projects must be submitted by 10 March.
21. The submitter also receives an additional mail message if the package has been denied, giving the reason for denying approval.
22. The submitter also receives an additional mail message if the package has been denied, giving the reason for approval being denied.
23. The submitter issues a stop, restart, or cancel command of the logical job using one of several channels to the Job Scheduler.
24. The Submitter is responsible for submitting the Issue, periodically checking its status, and responding to any questions or comments.
25. "ODC Submitter" and "ODC Responder" are two tabs where information about ODC's eight specific attributes can be collected.
26. The administrator or job submitter monitors the progress of the logical job that represents the collective summary of the job partitions.
27. A Submitter is allowed to reopen the Issue from the Withdrawn, Completed, or Rejected states.
28. The most obvious notification point for the submitter is the submit action.
29. Once the defect is submitted, you may choose to only notify the submitter again upon approval and closure of the defect.
30. E-mail notification based on these "milestone" state changes will provide value to the submitter.
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