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Subclavian in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-09-06Updated:2017-09-06
Similar words: subclassclavicleslaviclavishslavishlavishlyyugoslaviaenclaveMeaning: adj. situated beneath the clavicle. random good picture
1 The subclavian artery can be stabbed at the same time with the other hand.
2 And 2? 900 cases of the right subclavian vein catheterization were carried out by using the modified procedure.
3 Conclusion The modified subclavian vein catheterization was characterized by higher successful rate and less complications and value proceeding the expansion.
4 Investigations led to the diagnosis and treatment of subclavian artery stenosis.
5 Objective:To provide anatomical bases for percutaneous puncture of subclavian vein for approaching the heart.
6 Except 1 case with left subclavian artery stenosis and one case with femoral artery stenoses who were treated with bare stents, the left 34cases were treated with stents-graft placement.
7 Methods 88 patients with the improved subclavian vein puncturing catheter method in improved group 87 cases with the traditional way in the control group.
8 Conclusion The improved subclavian vein intubation operation is convenient, and quick, which has higher success rate and less complications.
9 The subclavian steal phenomenon results from occlusion of the proximal subclavian or innominate artery that causes reversal of blood flow in the ipsilateral vertebral artery.
10 Objective : To explore nursing for patients with subclavian vein intubation after tracheotomy.
11 Objective To explore the treatment of traumatic subclavian artery.
12 Objective To establish a method of subclavian vein puncture and catheterization through the gap between clavicle and anterior scalene muscle.
13 The infraclavicular part of the subclavian vein was anatomized in 32 adult male cadvers.
14 Calen S. Morphologic and functional anatomy of the subclavian Veins. Surg and Radiol Anat 1986 , 8:121.
15 Subclavian vein stenosis caused by non-hemodialysis reasons is uncommon.
16 You're putting wires in the patient's heart. You're putting a needle in the subclavian vein next to the lung, threading two wires down to the heart, and implanting the device.
17 Objective: To conclude the clinic applying of bedside emergency temporary cardiac pacing via subclavian vein.
18 For example, cells in the iliac arteries, located in the vicinity of the gut, respond avidly to flagellar but cells from the subclavian arteries, which transport blood to the upper body, do not.
19 The thoracic aortic stent graft was inserted under fluoroscopic guidance just distal to the left common carotid artery, covering the left subclavian artery origin.
20 The authors acknowledge that their findings come from just one center, and that surgeons implanted most leads via the subclavian vein, a procedure associated with higher complication rates.
21 Phlebitis was noticed in 2 ( 5 % ) of the PICCs but none via subclavian access.
22 Combined superior inferior clavian approach can satisfy the exposure and repair for the subclavian artery.
23 Objective To investigate cause and nursing strategy of mistakable inserting internal jugular vein in subclavian venepuncture.
24 Results:In comparison with other approaches, the right supraclavian approach for percutaneous subclavian vein puncture had the characters of short distance and little curve.
25 One branch is the innominate artery that gives rise to bilateral carotid and right subclavian arteries, and the other is the left subclavian artery.
26 Innominate artery and left carotid artery were preserved, and left subclavian artery was intentionally occluded. (B) Endovascular repair in canine model.
27 ObjectiveTo clarify the optimal position of venous puncture by measuring the parameters (trace, length) of subclavian vein.
28 The chief artery to the upper limb is the subclavian artery.
29 Objective To compare the value of pacemaker implantation through the subclavian vein(SCV) puncture and the cephalic vein(CV) cutdown approach.
30 Methods:Of 42 cases,[] 11 ones were administered the catheterization through subclavian venae while 31 ones through the terminal of axillary venae.
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