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Strain in a sentence

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Synonym: descentextendhurtinjurepullqualityracesprainstreakstretchtowtracetugwrenchAntonym: relaxSimilar words: constrainttrainerby traintrainingstraightendraintraittrailMeaning: [streɪn] n. 1. (physics) deformation of a physical body under the action of applied forces 2. difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension 3. a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence 4. (psychology) nervousness resulting from mental stress 5. a special variety of domesticated animals within a species 6. (biology) a group of organisms within a species that differ in trivial ways from similar groups 7. a lineage or race of people 8. injury to a muscle (often caused by overuse); results in swelling and pain 9. the general meaning or substance of an utterance 10. an effortful attempt to attain a goal 11. an intense or violent exertion 12. the act of singing. v. 1. to exert much effort or energy 2. test the limits of 3. use to the utmost; exert vigorously or to full capacity 4. separate by passing through a sieve or other straining device to separate out coarser elements 5. cause to be tense and uneasy or nervous or anxious 6. become stretched or tense or taught 7. remove by passing through a filter 8. rub through a strainer or process in an electric blender 9. alter the shape of (something) by stress. 
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1) I found it a strain having to concentrate for so long.
2) Strain the sauce and skim away any fat that rises to the surface.
3) I would welcome some help but don't strain yourself!
4) I couldn't look after him any more; the strain was too much for me.
5) The prison service is already under considerable strain.
6) Relax, and let us take the strain .
7) Read the text naturally; don't strain after effects.
8) Their marriage is under great strain at the moment.
9) These repayments are putting a strain on our finances.
10) Relations with neighbouring countries are under strain at present.
11) The transport service cannot cope with the strain of so many additional passengers.
12) A particularly virulent strain of flu has recently claimed a number of lives in the US.
13) Red eyes denote strain and fatigue.
14) Strain the custard to remove lumps.
15) The Irish strain in him makes him like jokes.
16) It's a real strain having to get up so early!
17) The hurricane put such a strain on the bridge that it collapsed.
18) The strain of her work schedule became painfully evident as she jetted from New York to London and on to Milan.
19) You should try not to place too much strain on muscles and joints.
20) The spring drew longer and longer with the strain.
21) There's a strain of madness in his family.
22) The strain on the cables supporting the bridge is enormous.
23) The wall collapsed under the strain.
24) Avoid muscle strain by warming up with slow jogging.
25) The rope severed under the strain.
26) You'll strain your back carrying those heavy suitcases.
27) Death, old age, are words without a meaning, that pass by us like the idle air which we regard not. Others may have undergone, or may still be liable to them--we "bear a charmed life", which laughs to scorn all such sickly fancies. As in setting out on delightful journey,( we strain our eager gaze forward.
28) But these were difficult times and a lesser man would have buckled under the strain.
29) Things are terrible at work and people are cracking under the strain.
30) The whole ship shuddered and trembled at the sudden strain.
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