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Stochastically in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2019-05-15Updated:2019-05-15
Similar words: stochasticdrasticallysarcasticallyfantasticallymechanisticallyenthusiasticallycharacteristicallyunenthusiasticallyMeaning: adv. by stochastic means. 
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1. Methods Divides into two groups stochastically, after two methods for medicine whether there is causes the patient phlebitis and the nerve ending damages the difference.
2. Latter investigates stochastically after me, discovered is infatuated with the small ping-pong ball's female student because of Kong Linghui also really many.
3. This paper stochastically simulates these created S-shape curves during 200 years, and overlaps them to research the law of macroeconomic growth.
4. Based on the phenomenon that moving objects move stochastically in transport networks, a new network model, stochastic moving network (SMN), is proposed.
5. Reporter investigated many developers stochastically , holds this viewpoint occupying to quite many proportions.
6. Method: Stochastically divides into the treatment group and the comparison group 72 examples.
7. Oil particles move stochastically in the turbulent fluctuate flow filed on the action of radial and axial forces, and some of them are separated and escaped from the overflow tube.
8. Reporter interviewed the resident who stochastically some come to go see a doctor.
9. The input training examples are reset stochastically before the performance of each batch so that the learning is easy to jump off from local minima.
10. The watermarking information that is stochastically permuted and coded by LDPC is embedded in the modified DC components which are attained by integer transform twice.
11. Method:Stochastically divides into 2 groups 146 examples bronchial tubesasthma patient.
12. Reporter interviewed 10 residents stochastically , everybody supports breaks the aspect which the Zhengzhou Fuel gas Company monopolizes. Resident Ms.
13. We estimated the answer stochastically.
13. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
14. The best equipment can only depend defeats certain monsters to fall stochastically .
15. Seals measured that the opening each checkpoint is Man Man, regardless of being forms a team enters or enters stochastically , fast group good troop, ten points efficiency.
16. In this paper, we obtain some strong laws of large numbers for arbitrary stochastically dominated random variables by means of the convergence theorem for martingale difference sequence.
17. Methods: Divides into the observation group and control group each group of each 40 examples stochastically 80 example clinical diagnosis whirbone malacia.
18. The random variables that need to be characterized to model this stochastically are CUSTOMER - INTERARRIVAL - TIME and TELLER - SERVICE - TIME.
19. Methods: 23 interveners and 23 students from 6 experimental schools were visited stochastically according to the interview outline; 13 main interveners were investigated with the questionnaire.
20. Based on stability theory in stochastic differential equations, a sufficient condition on the existence of stochastically guaranteed cost controllers is derived.
21. Methods Chooses 60 cases senile vascular dementia patients, divides into two groups stochastically (each 30 cases).
22. This article uses the method of video recording and literature, stochastically chose 12competitions in 36 of the women's football game in the tenth sports meeting.
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