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Still in a sentence

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Synonym: calmevenmotionlessnoiselesspeacefulplacidquietsmoothso fartranquiluntroubledyetSimilar words: hostiletileuntilutilizeutilityjauntilykillpillMeaning: [stɪl] n. 1. a static photograph (especially one taken from a movie and used for advertising purposes) 2. (poetic) tranquil silence 3. an apparatus used for the distillation of liquids; consists of a vessel in which a substance is vaporized by heat and a condenser where the vapor is condensed 4. a plant and works where alcoholic drinks are made by distillation. v. 1. make calm or still 2. cause to be quiet or not talk 3. lessen the intensity of or calm 4. make motionless. adj. 1. not in physical motion 2. marked by absence of sound 3. (of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves 4. used of pictures; of a single or static photograph not presented so as to create the illusion of motion; or representing objects not capable of motion 5. not sparkling 6. free from noticeable current. adv. 1. with reference to action or condition; without change, interruption, or cessation 2. despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession) 3. to a greater degree or extent; used with comparisons 4. without moving or making a sound. 
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1. Beware of a silent dog and still water. 
2. Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth. 
3. Wash a dog, comb a dog, Still a dog, remains a dog. 
4. The still sow eats up all the draff. 
5. A good reputation sits still; a bad one runs about. 
6. Silent men, like still waters, are deep and dangerous. 
7. A still tongue makes a wise head. 
8. Although I poured it carefully, I still managed to spill some.
9. I've still got tons to do.
10. Jackie and Bill are still trying to patch up their marriage.
11. We were astonished to find the temple still in its original condition.
12. The police are still trying to establish the cause of the fire.
13. Both her children still live at home.
14. The Greeks are still powerful players in world shipping.
15. He still hasn't paid me the money he owes me.
16. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire.
17. My leg is still very tender where it was bruised.
18. Do you still live at the same address?
18. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
19. Cynthia's still working on her thesis.
20. Despite my repeated assurances,[] Rob still looked very nervous.
21. I'd still like to go to a ball game.
22. The embers still glowed in the hearth.
23. Some leaves were floating about on the still lake.
24. I still enjoyed the week despite the weather.
25. Of all the possessions of this life fame is the noblest; when the body has sunk into the dust the great name still lives. 
26. Travel east or travel west, a man's own home is still the best. 
27. Though you cast out nature with a fork, it will still return. 
28. Don't part withyour illusions . When they are gone you may still exist , but you have ceased to live. 
29. I might say that success is won by three things: first, effort; second, more effort; third, still more effort. 
30. If I have lost the ring, yet the fingers are still here. 
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