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Stick around in a sentence

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Sentence count:46Posted:2017-07-13Updated:2017-07-13
Synonym: stand bystaystay putstickstick aboutSimilar words: look aroundwalk aroundaroundgo aroundall aroundget aroundbum aroundbat aroundMeaning: v. 1. be available or ready for a certain function or service 2. stay put (in a certain place). random good picture
1. Stick around; we'll need you to help us later.
2. Stick around, we may need you.
3. Stick around a while and see what develops.
4. Perhaps you'd like to stick around and watch?
5. You go - I'll stick around here a bit longer.
6. Do you guys want to stick around for a while?
7. Most don't stick around long enough.
8. Why do beneficial bugs stick around?
9. But if you mean to stick around on the planet for a bit, you need to keep your eyes skinned.
10. She liked to stick around, see the results[], maybe enjoy some off-camera larks in the back office.
11. Gast decided to stick around at his own expense and film as much as he could with the fighters.
12. And marriage developed everywhere to encourage men to stick around their children.
13. Why don't you stick around?
14. Just stick around here until we can think of something.
15. But it will stick around mom for up to 18 months.
16. Here are six true-life signs that you shouldn't stick around at your new job.
17. I'd like to stick around for twelve months to help put this deal together.
18. On holidays he would do nothing but stick around.
19. How long do you expect me to stick around here and be his whipping boy?
20. A woman who truly loves you will be angry at you for many things, but will stick around.
21. Whether that will be enough to convince buyers to stick around remains to be seen.
22. But once they're there, once you've given them headroom, they seem pretty determined to stick around.
23. He also has a lucrative five-year contract at Hilton that makes it worth his while to stick around.
24. It all goes merrily or unhappily along whether you stick around to watch or not.
25. They announced that they wanted to talk to everyone, and they asked everyone to stick around for a while.
26. Johnson was entranced by the $ 175-per-week salary and decided to stick around.
27. I've stayed at the same company for seven years, and I'd like to stick around for a while longer.
28. Your fellow-passengers, severely shaken, Will almost all be loath to stick around.
29. You'll return for the launch on the 25th, and you're welcome to stick around for up to an extra 24 hours if the launch is delayed by bad weather or sabotage.
30. Now that Twitter has received Oprah's Midas touch, the real question will be to see how many of these new users will stick around.
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