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Sternum in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: supernumerarysternsterneasternwesternpasternsternlycisternMeaning: ['stɜrnəm /'stɜː-] n. the flat bone that articulates with the clavicles and the first seven pairs of ribs. random good picture
(1) Ryan was also sidelined with a badly bruised sternum.
(2) There is a characteristic pain from the sternum to the back with the catarrh and the cough.
(3) You see that tiny spot on the sternum?
(4) Start with gentle fondling and rub her sternum between her breasts -- it will make her feel loved as well as aroused, and she won't have to feel bad because she turned you down.
(5) Floating ribs are not connected with the sternum.
(6) Objective The clinical application of ad opt the sternum Xiphoid with periosteum transfers to rebuild the thyroid cartilage of external injury.
(7) For the absence of vertical sternum stand in the primary unit(, a simple compound sternum stand with ax-ray filter is designed.
(8) Objective In order to offer local morphological sternum datas for clinical sternum nyxis.
(9) Now take your rib spreader, crack open he sternum allowing access to the heart.
(10) Sternal pressure may be painful if the sternum is fractured or costochondral separations exist.
(11) The pectoralis major attaches to the sternum , as it does in birds, but bats do not generally have such a well developed ridge that is seen on the sternum of birds.
(12) Objective. To determine whether the length of sternum is correlated with Scheuermann disease pathogenesis.
(13) Eating after swallowing abody at the sternum infarction sense of tingling or unconsciously, the slow food.
(14) Starting absorb time of sternum are 4.54±2.85 days, Obvious absorb time of sternum are 7.74±4.68 days.
(15) Methods: Approach to sternum median or thymectomy and peripheral adipose tissue's sweeping.
(16) My wife, meanwhile, was in the next cubicle with a fractured sternum and collarbone.
(17) Carrefour faltered, doubling over as the bullet caught him just below the sternum.
(18) As an example, let us suppose that the incoming attack is a punch to the sternum, or upper chest.
(19) Gyggle's hideous cheesecloth shirt, the buttons pulled apart to the sternum, revealing still more tight ginger curlicues.
(20) In most insects the 1st abdominal segment, and more especially its sternum, is reduced or vestigial.
(21) Trying to sleep on my stomach, I soon became aware of a heating grate stabbing into my sternum.
(22) This paper expatiated the anatomical structures of venepuncture, artery, nerve, glands, and sternum punctures to provide a reference for medical and nursing staffs.
(23) There is little available musculature to suture anterior to the sternum.
(24) So hypochondria really meant the soft tissues and organs that lay beneath your ribs and sternum.
(25) The doctor fixed his neck with neck splint immediately and sent him to have CT and Sternum transillumination check.
(26) The major symptoms of the patients were progressive dysphagia and pain behind the sternum.
(27) Objective To review the experience of treating infants with pectus excavatum (PE) by hanging up sternum using plexiglass strut.
(28) Corzine broke his leg, a number of ribs, his sternum and cracked a vertebra when his motorcade crashed along the Garden State Parkway yesterday.
(29) A bony process projecting from the scapula toward the sternum in mammals.
(30) Extensive subperiosteal costal cartilage resection and perichondrial sheath detachment from the sternum may not be necessary for optimal repair.
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