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Stepwise in a sentence

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Sentence count:88Posted:2017-12-14Updated:2017-12-14
Similar words: step-by-stepstep by stepstepsisterstephen fosterwisewiserwise upwisentMeaning: adj. one thing at a time. adv. proceeding in steps. 
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1. Table V shows results of stepwise multiple linear regression analysis of outcome variables from the ventilated infants.
2. Two stepwise logistic regression procedures were performed.
3. These will increase stepwise in that, up to some limiting time, processing will be entirely overlapped with seeking.
4. These transformations are accomplished by means of stepwise reactions, each of which is mediated by a specific enzyme.
5. Multiple stepwise regression analysis was also applied.
6. Similarly, the citric acid cycle oxidizes acetate stepwise into CO2 with a net energy yield.
7. The method is different from the usual stepwise analysis , and the all - equation approach multiple regression analysis.
8. Through 2 - Stepwise elution chromatography , tea polyphenols ( Tp ) and caffeine were separated from tea with macroporous resin.
9. Through the utility of this stepwise combined approach of both conservative sclerotherapy and surgery, we preserved the functionality and cosmetic appearance of this child.
10. C.J. Hayden offers a stepwise program for understanding your own marketing andpromotional skills and deficiencies, and then building a plan to generate leadsand pursue and close business.
11. The parasite population opposing vertical resistance may undergo stepwise development controlled by many genes.
12. Multiple stepwise regression analysis demonstrated that serum androgen level was independently related to serum AMH level in patients with PCOS.
13. Stepwise multiple regression analysis suggested that the major factors related to compliance were as following: BPRS(ACTV), duration of hospitalization, family members' age, premorbid character.
13. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
14. The data was analyzed by chi - square, stepwise regression analysis and covariance statistics.
15. Each of these steps can be further broken down, a process also referred to as stepwise refinement.
16. To investigate relations between sets of possible explanatory factors and each outcome variable a stepwise multiple linear regression analysis was used.
17. At the secondary side of the transformer there is a varistor and Zener diodes which act to stepwise reduce the surge pulse.
18. The new kind of temperature compensating model is established in the help of the method of stepwise regression by lots of high-low temperature experiment repeated.
19. From the viewpoint of systems engineering the paper has studied the method and theory of the stepwise mining limit for the inclined ore bed with the help of operational research and computer.
20. This paper tries to make it clear the existing forms of the REE in gold-bearing pyrite in the Jinshan gold deposit by the stepwise dissolution test with ICP-MS analysis.
21. The collected data were analyzed by descriptive statistic - way ANOVA, product - moment correlation and multiple stepwise regression analysis.
22. In order to optimize a grinder bed, a parametric finite element model is established, and two optimization strategies, namely lump-sum optimization and stepwise optimization, are discussed.
23. Mathematical models and nomograms about the effects were obtained by means of orthogonal polynomial stepwise regressive analysis, and the ergonomical design parameters we...
24. The mutation pattern of silver crucian carp was very complexional, as well as some loci did not follow the Stepwise Mutation Model.
25. Data were analyzed by using statistical analysis , t - test, one - way ANOVA and multiple stepwise regressions.
26. We predicted Rf value of phenol and aniline derivatives by this method, and compared it with classical algorithms such as forward selection, backward elimination, and stepwise procedure...
27. Classes allow inheritance. The concept of inheritance relates to the design concept of stepwise refinement and also allows the reuse of existing code and data structures in a class.
28. On the basis of grey level nonlinear transformation and stepwise ratio, a new method of image edge detection was put forward.
29. Exteriorly , we maintain good cooperation relationship with associated companies, and make fast, reliable, legal and stepwise response to our customers.
30. For the best use of marker information in a marker aided backcrossing program for gene introgression, a stepwise marker genotyping and individual selection were suggested.
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