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Stepper motor in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2019-01-07Updated:2019-01-07
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1. This process is a breakdown of stepper motor driver chip drives A 3972.
2. Stepper motor import high reliability, driven, anti - oil capacity, fuel consumption Province.
3. Orientation signal communication circuit, keyboard circuit, stepper motor driving circuit and LCD displaying circuit is presented.
4. DC or stepper motor drive, with rack and pinion, ballscrew or belt transmission.
5. The odometer is mechanical, driven by a stepper motor.
6. Stepper motor is used in the PLC control system of ion electrostatic accelerator.
7. Made by L 298 chip stepper motor driver circuit.
8. Highprecision close loop orientation control is achieved with stepper motor position feedback.
9. This paper introduces a kind of stepper motor driver with the key of MCU C 8051 F 020.
10. Driven by a brushless servo or stepper motor with a precision ground ball screw, this motorized stage offers high-resolution up to 0.1 micron.
11. MCU controlled stepper motor driver chips: A 3972, achieving 64 segments.
12. This paper describes the idle speed control stepper motor type composition, Stepper Motor Idle Control Valve on the main structure, Idle Speed Control Stepper Motor Control Principle of the device.
13. To achieve the four-phase stepper motor to start, stop control, reversing control.
14. Subdivision drive information for high - precision stepper motor control.
15. Stepper motor control is simple, accurate positioning and so on.
16. In the control system, the rotor position of stepper motor is usually obtained by position sensor.
17. Stepper motor driver circuit using mainly driven ULN 2803 chip.
18. Stepper motor control can be used as a special motor, do not use their accumulated error (accuracy of 100%) the characteristics of a wide range of open-loop control.
18. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
19. Compared with the traditional control, the simulator of mariner's compass controlled by the stepper motor has such advantages as great precision and quick response.
20. Applications of decimal Fraction Frequency divider in the area such as direct digital frequency synthesis technology and stepper motor drive speed controller a re introduced.
21. PLC is as the core of hardware system, and it comprises stepper motor, proximity switch, photoelectric switch, hot resistance, electromagnetic valve et al.
22. Article describes X62W common universal milling machine of asynchronous motors into easy CNC milling machine stepper motor selection methods, and to keep in mind.
23. The system adopts 80C31 MCU as the main controller, hybrid Rare-Earth permanent magnet stepper motor as the execution component, bio-passage rotary transformer as antenna position sensor.
24. A type of variable subdivision high performance driving power supply for stepper motor has been presented in the paper which is used to drive three-phase reaction stepper motor.
25. The system controlled by PLC, in which rotary encoder and stepper motor forming the semi-closed loop control system to overcome the problem of step-out.
26. The chip microprocessors system for controlling stepper angle fraction of the stepper motor is designed, studied, debugged and analyzed in this paper.
27. The construction and the operating principle of the axial split phase hybrid type permanent magnet stepper motor are analyzed.
28. In order to reduce the whole volume, the PCB board integrates stepper motor drive circuit, keyset, alarm circuit and LCD.
29. In this paper, based on the MSP 430 F 149 single - chip stepper motor to achieve universal controller.
30. Fig. F: Simple transistor circuit boosts clock pulse up to 5V. for driving a stepper motor or Interfacing with other 5V-based electronics.
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