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State change in a sentence

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Similar words: climate changeglobal climate changechange of statetechnological changephase changetemperature changefloating exchange rateexchange rateMeaning: n. a change from one state (solid or liquid or gas) to another without a change in chemical composition. 
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(1) In those ten years, a blink of the eye to a historian, the United States changed greatly.
(2) The state changes could be in place as early as July, Jackson said.
(3) Use return codes to report expected state change.
(4) We don't need to use PUT for every state change in HTTP.
(5) Monitoring and state change of devices and the services they offer, while not within the scope of preliminary WS-POS discussions, will likely be a requirement of future WS-POS specifications.
(6) The factors that influence the state change of discharge gap were analyzed in detail. Then the measures to maintain the uniformity of discharge gap were proposed.
(7) Debye temperature, specific heat and state change under high pressure.
(8) It is usually best to undo any state change made by a manipulator.
(9) A count value indicative of a state change of the base station is received.
(10) Often, for a particular state change, it is easy to calculate two of these, but not the third.
(11) The value of "type" identifies the state change, but the userData value requires parsing to identify the process undergoing the change of state.
(12) This module is loaded onto a doubly linked list of all modules in the system, and any threads currently waiting for module state change are notified through the notifier list.
(13) Notification can also be used to trigger events, such as reacting to a state change that surpasses a given threshold, as in the case of dwindling resources like memory or disk space.
(14) Using singletons makes the design more efficient because they remove the need to allocate and deallocate memory every time a state change is made.
(15) Recall that this function is invoked every time the request object experiences a state change.
(16) There is no return value to enter; in some upcoming steps we'll tell you how to trigger the next state change.
(17) Objective To detect serum interleukin-10(IL-10)in school girl with menstrual phase and to analyse the Immune state Change and significance of IL-10 in the course of school healthy girl.
(18) Aside from CPU statistics, the tool can also provide data relating to memory allocation and LPAR configuration and state change history.
(19) A host or service is determined to have started flapping when its percent state change first exceeds a high flapping threshold.
(20) Instead, they can defer that decision to assembly time by signaling their view state change.
(21) In fact, nine of the experts judged the probability of such a "basic state change" in the atmosphere to be at least 90 percent, or more.
(22) The default color of white would not appear correctly when initialized and wouldn't show up until a state change had been triggered and then was set back to default.
(23) Almost anytime you have multiple states changing, you will have several lines during the state change at which the program will not have self-consistent numbers.
(24) The observer registers with or attaches to the subject, which maintains a list of observers that it will notify when a particular state change occurs.
(25) Figure 4 shows a distributed state machine in which each observer determines its own subsequent action based on its current state and the state change of its corresponding observable(s).
(26) For instance you might have a website or service that says it "confirms" that a transaction happened, but there was no actual state change at the head end.
(27) The behavior of the transaction manager should not be affected by the state change of the resource manager.
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