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Stare down in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2018-04-13Updated:2018-04-13
Similar words: pare downstarredred giant stardie downbe down oncomedowntie downtone downMeaning: v. overcome or cause to waver or submit by (or as if by) staring. random good picture
1. The small man turned on the hillcrest to stare down at the struggling youth.
2. We will stare down the eyes of fire.
3. Stare down the barrel of the gun! Pee into the wind!
4. I would writhe my shoe some more and stare down at the worn rug.
5. (This assumes they have the fortitude to stare down the Chinese, who currently hold a whopping portion of US debt, and deny them something they really want).
6. You stare down questions and keep yourself open to the echo of answers, however faint.
7. We must also be willing to stare down the other great truth facing our collective moment.
8. Learn how you can stare down a gorgeous girl's blouse without making her uncomfortable or pissing her off.
9. So I stare down at the pool table and pretend to study my opponent's next move.
10. The Chief said once no one can stare down a shotgun .
11. The two boxers gazed at each other, wanting to stare down the opposite party.
12. Against all odds, people find it in themselves to rise up, stare down the guns and grasp freedom from their oppressors. It happened in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Yemen.
13. Wise investors should resist the urge to flee, reduce their holdings of risky assets and stare down the bear.
14. I snaked up switchbacks and through mountain passes, and paused to stare down sheep in the middle of the road, and I kept telling myself no, I wasn't lost, of course not.
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15. They portray two old guys facing terminal illnesses who goad each other into accomplishing some long held fantasies as they stare down that long tunnel with the white light at the end.
16. He was known for the way he used to stare down batters when pitching to them.
17. The membrane is typically translucent, and serves to moisten the eye, clear debris, and stare down weeping angels.
18. IN TURKEY'S rugged south - east , giant portraits of Ataturk stare down from the mountains at rebellious Kurds.
19. To the local people, like means love. What a sheer declaration of love! She became the focus of the soldiers present, she stare down them, tears in her eyes.
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