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Stall in a sentence

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Synonym: blockboothcellcompartmentdawdledelaydillydallyhinderprocrastinateSimilar words: staleinstallcrystalcoastalstalwartnostalgiastalactiteinstallationMeaning: [stɔːl] n. 1. a compartment in a stable where a single animal is confined and fed 2. small area set off by walls for special use 3. a booth where articles are displayed for sale 4. a malfunction in the flight of an aircraft in which there is a sudden loss of lift that results in a downward plunge 5. seating in the forward part of the main level of a theater 6. small individual study area in a library 7. a tactic used to mislead or delay. v. 1. postpone doing what one should be doing 2. come to a stop 3. deliberately delay an event or action 4. put into, or keep in, a stall 5. experience a stall in flight, of airplanes 6. cause an airplane to go into a stall 7. cause an engine to stop. random good picture
1. He has a flower stall in Portobello Road market.
2. They have a fish stall on the market.
3. She sells fruits at a market stall.
4. Bread is the stall of life.
5. I managed to stall him for a few days until I'd got enough money to pay back the loan.
6. The car has an inclination to stall on cold mornings.
7. She made two purchases from my stall.
8. We've got to stall him somehow.
9. A heifer bellowed in her stall.
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10. Who's going to man the stall at lunchtime?
11. A car may stall due to the driver braking too suddenly.
12. The stall sells drinks and snacks.
13. Maybe we can stall the sale until the prices go up.
14. I bought this trout at the market fish stall.
15. The stall was cleaned out of newspapers by 8.00 a.m.
16. Fears are growing that a tax increase may stall economic recovery.
17. He sold boots on a market stall.
18. Horses were poking their heads over their stall doors.
19. Passing my stall, she cast black looks at the amount of stuff still unsold.
20. Your foot falls off the pedal and you stall the car.
21. He has a stall that sells designer ripoffs.
22. He runs a fruit and vegetable stall in the market.
23. There was one bathroom with a shower stall in the corner.
24. An inexperienced pilot may easily stall a plane.
25. The car is inclined to stall when it's cold outside.
26. The opening of a market stall is governed by municipal fiat.
27. See if you can stall her while I finish searching her office.
28. The owner of the stall, a large, thuggish man, grabbed Dai by the collar.
29. When the calf is stolen, the farmer mends the stall
30. The Social Democratic Party has vowed to try to stall the bill until the current session ends.
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