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Sprue in a sentence

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Similar words: sprungspruceunsprungspruced upspruce upjurisprudenceprudepruneMeaning: n. a chronic disorder that occurs in tropical and non-tropical forms and in both children and adults; nutrients are not absorbed; symptoms include foul-smelling diarrhea and emaciation. 
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1. Make analyses of selecting nozzle and designing sprue runner and gate and etc.
2. Celiac sprue has a prevalence of about 1:2000 Caucasians, but is rarely seen in other races.
3. They have pointed out the similarities of the sprue syndromes in man and TGE.
4. A modified form of sprue gate is also used on underfeed moulds and runner less moulds.
5. The sprue sections influence the technological yield of small castings in investment casting.
6. The polymer material enters via a centrally positioned sprue bush, passes through the flow-way and leaves the unit via a secondary nozzle in line with the impression.
7. They must be carefully cut from the sprue to prevent damage.
8. Step motors drive sprue guns to realize the accurate positioning of the eccentric bunghole automatically.
9. There are two basic designs of sprue puller.
10. The hole you see is the sprue hole for the tailstock, the pulley's sprue is not visible in the picture.
11. An undercut type 'puller' (6) and associated sprue pin (7) is situated relatively close to end of the runner (8).
12. After weight each shot ( without the sprue ) and draw the graph.
13. The influence of sprue height on the fluidity appears insignificantly .
14. Because there are no effective methods to measure molten iron level in the sprue cup, at present most of pouring systems work in manual mode.
15. This distance can be minimized, however, by sinking the sprue bush deep into the mould plate assembly as illustrated, though Ibis necessitates using a special extension nozzle.
16. Comparison and contrast were made between a hot runner injection mould and an ordinary sprue runner injection mould for sortable garbage bin base used indoors.
17. Silver: Before the dawn of antibiotics, silver was used on the skin as an antimicrobial agent and disinfectant and internally to treat epilepsy, gonorrhea and tropical sprue.
18. The purpose of the cold slug well, shown opposite the sprue, is theoretically to receive the material that has chilled at the front of the nozzle during the cooling and ejection phase.
19. The feeding head shape of a die and a streamlined sprue runner were designed after an analysis on the cross sectional shape and the extrusion forming ability of PA66 material.
20. Since some components such as ejector pin, locating ring , sprue bush , water junctions and springs are not included in the mould base, these components are purchased independently.
21. In both of these, any number of impressions can be accommodated and the sprue gates, (Figure 12.5) now termed secondary sprues, are fed from runner systems situated below the parting surface.
22. After mold opening, this pin will function as an ejector pin and ejects the sprue from a sprue bush. Also it releases gas contained in molten plastic.
23. Attention was paid on how to lower the production costs in the processing of thermosetting plastics, which covered the fiber orientation, removal of burr and sprue runner material loss.
24. To avoid this undesirable feature , an pulling the sprue should always be incorporated in the design.
25. The paper analyzes the design optimization of core box using coated sand in Z8040 hot box core shoot machine to make the cylinder block cores and sprue cores.
26. Influence of several parameters, including pattern material, sample size, pouring temperature, coating thickness, sprue height and vacuum rate, on the fluidity of AZ91 Mg alloy by EPC-V is studied.
26. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
27. The structure, operating principle and action of mechanism of automatic sprue cutting by ejector pin in thermosetting plastics injection mould was described.
28. Malabsorption can be caused by infection, surgery, certain drugs, heavy alcohol use, and digestive disorders such as celiac sprue and Crohn's disease.
29. This would necessitate a manual operation to remove the unwanted sprue.
30. He said we need to have " a turn around sprue bush" so this can be done.
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