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Sporogenous in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2019-06-09Updated:2019-06-09
Similar words: erogenoushydrogenousnitrogenousheterogenousexogenousendogenoushomogenousautogenousMeaning: adj. producing spores or reproducing by means of spores. 
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1. The tapetal cells invest in the sporogenous tissue and form "the Balken".
2. At the late stage of the sporogenous cells, mother pollen cells and microspores, the vacuoles remarkably increased in quantity or size.
3. The sporogenous cell develops into microspore mother cell.
4. The primary sporogenous cells functioned directly as microspore mother cells and were arranged in a single row in a microsporangium.
5. When sporogenous cells in potato anther produced 3-4 layers they became microsporocytes.
6. The earliest abnormal phenomenon in sterile anther was nucleolus of sporogenous cells locating in the edge of nucleus.
7. The results showed that: (1) The auxocyte abortion of Jin A took place at the stage of sporogenous cell division.
8. It was found that the callose component initially occurred at late sporogenous cells stage in the cells located in center of microsporangium, and late extended towards the cells lying at its two ends.
9. Anther wall was formed in a special method due to the homology of tapetum cell and secondary sporogenous cell.
10. On media and under natural conditions, the morphological characteristics and sizes of sporogenous structure, spores et al. were described and surveyed.
11. Numerous ribosomes, plastids and mitochondria were found in the cytoplasm of sporogenous cells.
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12. The megaspore archesporium splits circumference, it circumferential edge cell and a sporogenous cell.
13. A row of microspore mother cells develop directly from the primary sporogenous cells.
14. The archesporium is divided into a parietal cell and a sporogenous cell, by the periclinal division.
15. Through ultra-structure observation, it is found that the microspore of Jin A began to abort at the stage of sporogenous cell division.
16. Cell layers of powder chamber wall and middle-level were increased, tapetum cells were hypertrophied and sporogenous cells or microspore mother cells were disaggregated.
17. In the process of litchi flower differentiation, the microspore abortion induced by external ethylene starts from the transition period(from sporogenous cells to microsporocytes).
18. Development of megaspore and formation of embryo sac:The ovule has a layer of parietal cells at the sporogenous stage.
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