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Spoonful in a sentence

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Similar words: spoonteaspoontablespoonwooden spoonlampoonspoolspoorspookyMeaning: ['spuːnfʊl] n. as much as a spoon will hold. 
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1. A spoonful of mustard will give the dish some zip.
2. In 'a spoonful of sugar', the word 'spoonful' is a partitive.
3. He took a spoonful of the stew and ate it.
4. I shouldn't have put that extra spoonful of curry powder in this meal, but I suppose we can all be wise after ...
5. He stirred another spoonful of sugar into his tea.
6. You beg him to try just one spoonful, and he clamps his mouth shut.
7. I shouldn't have put that extra spoonful of curry powder in this meal, but I suppose we can all be wise after the event.
8. Where quantities are measured in spoonfuls we mean a level spoonful unless otherwise indicated.
9. Just as Howard is scraping the last spoonful of apple crumble out of the bowl, a thought strikes him.
10. But after only one spoonful, I could tell this stuff was off the map.
11. After the first spoonful of the thick and satisfying minestrone, Luce found she was ravenous.
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. Place a spoonful of beans in the bottom of each tin. Sprinkle the cheese over the beans. 4.
13. Ana got up, took a spoonful of bean mush and poked it into the child's mouth.
14. Ragna Tischler Goddard likes her tea with a spoonful of history.
15. However, with the two medium-sized potatoes and a spoonful of carrots, she found this also quite to her liking.
16. Place a spoonful of beans in the bottom of each tin.
17. All in a delicious fruity tasting daily spoonful.
18. Scatter with a spoonful or two of sugar and slide the dish on to a baking tray.
19. Serve hot(, warm or cold with a spoonful of olive oil and fresh lemon juice.
20. Place a spoonful of the mushroom mixture in the centre of each top piece of filo.
21. Add a spoonful of baking soda to the red cabbage water.
22. Use 50g of rice per person and an extra spoonful for good measure.
23. But most of your worries can be put to rest with a spoonful of Calpol.
24. In his cup, a lump of sugar, a dusty spoonful of Pream.
25. Before the apple charlotte, Miss Chib was given a bowl of pea soup with a spoonful of whipped cream on it.
26. A good addition to dried apricot fool is a spoonful or two of freshly ground almonds.
27. This last Idi himself had, scooping it up swiftly, closing the distance between mouth and plate with every spoonful.
28. She stopped cooking, and for days the boy and his sisters ate stale bread and tamarind jam by the spoonful.
29. Just himself and Eloise, a cleaver, a gun, a spoonful of rat poison.
30. Wipe with a damp cloth and grill them, or top each one with a spoonful of stuffing, then bake.
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