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Spermary in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2019-06-09Updated:2019-06-09
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1. They are accompanied possibly still have spermary growth undesirable, lack deputy sex character, show babyish model the penis, erect faint or cannot erect etc.
2. Spermary gets hurt, bear hard sorely normally, that singer can insist to achieve a performance, those who see its psychokinesis is strong.
3. Check hernia is painful, spermary gall, the breast agglomerates have favorable effect.
4. Hypophysis and the normal function of spermary, instead affects the normal play of sexual function.
5. Although spermary hides in the shadow between two legs, but wounded opportunity is not compared somewhere else little.
6. The maleLikelihood already drag in prostate, spermary , epididymis, FemaleAlready drag in accessory, uterus.
7. Once ejaculation happens, spermary general rotates very quickly once more, scrotal gradually flabby and drop, the penis is gradually loose and faint, enter sexual subsidise period.
8. Artery has spermary artery, seminiferous duct artery and artery of the flesh that carry Gao.
9. The reproductive cell joint performance of spermary becomes spermatozoon.
10. Spermary examination should note its size, appearance, hardness, weight, the feeling has as good as constant.
11. Because we use spermary clean.
12. Is spermatozoon spermary more build?
13. The product is a new resource food made of main raw materials including cordyceps fungi powder, ginsenoside, yak spermarysheep spermary, donkey spermary, hartshorn and so on.
14. The extraction process of nucleoprotein and protamine from freshwater fish spermary was studied.
15. Objective To assess the food safety of the squid nucleoprotein derived from squid spermary as natural functional composition in health food.
16. Their toughly requirement doctor has grand bosom or artificial vagina operation, when the requirement cannot get satisfaction, often proper motion excises the penis or spermary, take female hormone.
17. Objective : The extraction process of protamine from Oncorhynchus Keta spermary and its antimicrobial activities were studied.
18. Objective: The extraction process of nucleoprotein and protamine from freshwater fish spermary was studied.
19. Commonly used androgen preparation has hydroxide of ketone of third acerbity spermary, fluorine methylic spermary element, 2 methyltestosterone,( go inside hydrogenous Gao ketone ester.
20. One person goes a hospital, say to the doctor, my left spermary is green.
21. At this moment primitive sexual gland former base excretive spermary ketone is right become divided of male reproduction organ forms a move decisive action.
22. The cell that the target cell of insulin action basically has liver cell, adipose cell, muscle cell, blood cell, lung and kidney, spermary cell.
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