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Specific gravity in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2017-09-16Updated:2017-09-16
Similar words: specificityspecificnonspecificunspecificspecificallyspecific heatintraspecificspecificationMeaning: n. the density of a substance relative to the density of water. random good picture
1. The specific gravity is measured by Archimedes' principle.
2. Haulm destruction is carried out to stop the specific gravity from getting too high.
3. Once the desired specific gravity is established, the same strength must be used henceforth.
4. Granted the weight and the specific gravity of a body, we can calculate its volume.
5. Wait ten days and check the specific gravity.
6. Changes in level or specific gravity exert a buoyant force on a displacer, which rotates the torque tube shaft.
7. To make this simpler, research workers often use specific gravity instead of density.
8. An instrument used to measure density or specific gravity.
9. Separating minim oil and suspension whose specific gravity less than water out from the sewage through floatation , sedimentation velocity of the mud will be increased evidently.
10. A hydrometer for measuring the specific gravity of urine.
11. Hydrometer : An instrument used for measuring the specific gravity of a liquid or solution.
12. Specific gravity of determination made according to the determination of the adhesive.
13. The research indicate that (1) when the specific gravity and modulus of soluble glass is 1.5 and 1.1, the effect of activate slag is best.
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14. Magnesium is a light metal -- having a specific gravity of 1.74 at 20 degrees C.
15. Therefore, using higher specific gravity and dynamic viscosity of biodiesel is able to decrease fuel injection pressure properly.
16. When the bulk specific gravity of coarse aggregate and the apparent specific gravity of fine aggregate are used to compute VMA value, the VMA value is greater than the VMA value by American method.
17. A minor, but important constituent of many sandstones are the heavy minerals, with a specific gravity in excess of 2.9.
18. The utility model discloses a built-in electrothermal tray type specific gravity vacuum degassing tank, belonging to the technology field of vacuum oil purifier.
19. Baume hydrometer: Hydromter for industrial use, invented by the French chemist Antoine Baume , to determine the specific gravity (relative density) of liquidss.
20. Most fish have a closed swim bladder that controls the specific gravity of the fish which allows it to remain at certain depths without using up energy.
21. The model successfully predicts the partition curve with the change of the specific gravity of separation.
22. METHODS:The minimum loading capacities of ulcer paste, crystal ointment and zinc oxide liniment were examined by specific gravity method, capacity substitution method and capacity addition method.
23. The new type flux is featured of high strength, low bulk specific gravity and less dust. It may exercise functions of temperature holding and prevention against reoxidation .
24. The strength of peripheral region of betel palm trunk was lower than that of the woods of Pinus morrisonicola, Michelia compressa, which have the same values of specific gravity.
25. In this range, the pressure drop increases in proportion to the specific gravity of the mixture.
26. Specific strength . The ratio of tensile strength to specific gravity for a material.
27. Methods Divided into two groups and contrast two experiments and measure the specific gravity rate of frankincense.
28. A group of centrifugal pouring process parameters has also been provided, by which we can greatly abate the specific gravity segregation.
29. Maturation index and maturation of Liquidambar formosana seeds were studied based on moisture content and specific gravity of fruiting heads, crude fat content of seeds.
30. It is defined by a loss of function of about 75 percent of the filtration system of the kidney and characterized by azotemia and low specific gravity of the urine.
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