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Special interest in a sentence

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Sentence count:78Posted:2017-11-16Updated:2017-11-16
Similar words: special interest grouppersonal interestsannual interest ratenominal interest ratespecialityspecialistspecializespecialiseMeaning: n. an individual or group who are concerned with some particular part of the economy and who try to influence legislators or bureaucrats to act in their favor. random good picture
1. There's too much lobbying of MPs by special interest groups.
2. I have a special interest in old houses. Do you mind if I take a look around?
3. Recruiting the practices through a special interest group and through self selection is likely to have biased results.
4. Applications of special interest to accountants include voice annotated balance sheets and accounts, and remote auditing and stock taking.
5. That last heading is of special interest.
6. Of special interest are books on papermaking, photography and heavy electrical engineering.
7. Of special interest are the clearly presented sections on spectral jumps, and single-spin magnetic resonance experiments.
8. Gerry: It's really strange how the special interest groups of oppressed people came into existence.
9. They've always taken a special interest in Sefton because of the bomb blast.
10. Special interest groups include chest clinic nurses, coronary heart disease specialist nurses and tuberculosis visitors.
11. This dark matter is of special interest to the particle physicists.
12. Members of Congress shouldn't be kowtowing to special interest groups.
13. A special interest group for researchers in post-compulsory education and lifelong learning recently had its first meeting.
14. The next item will be of special interest to viewers who are dog-owners.
15. We have a congress that is in thrall to special interest groups.
16. Much of the pressure for changing the law has come from special interest groups.
17. The following portrait sketches by contemporaries are, there-fore,( interest.html) of special interest.
18. This echoed a national unease at lowering complicated inter-provincial trade barriers which would upset thousands of special interest groups throughout the country.
19. The hospital has four consultant physicians, one with a special interest in gastroenterology.
20. He left the navy on half-pay in 1785 to spend nine months in London developing his special interest in midwifery.
21. The same applies to the subject of Section 10-4: the impact of special interest groups and class conflict.
22. Each member of the group, based in Woodbridge, has an area in which they take a special interest.
23. Approximately ten of the students came from outside Britain, and Eva took a special interest in them.
24. These set limits to the level of contributions with the aim to prevent candidates from becoming obligated to special interest groups.
25. Of all the doctor factors examined, only doctors who professed a special interest in diabetes achieved significantly better glycaemic control.
26. The 1995 version was the first set of guidelines to include oral testimony from special interest groups and individuals.
27. There is no really distinctive shape, but there are two objects of special interest.
28. The track climbs steadily through the woodland where the yew trees are of special interest.
29. Changes resulted from outsiders impacting the plant-Hanes management, external consultants, special interest groups, and other plants.
30. For the most part these newspapers were owned by persons high in political circles or were subsidized by special interest groups.
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