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Soy flour in a sentence

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Similar words: candyflossmoney flowmayflowerbelly flopflourfloutflouryflouterMeaning: n. meal made from soybeans. 
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1 "The complex mixture found in soy flour doesn't make the tumor grow, " Helferich said.
2 With the method, soybeans, soy flour, miso, soy molasses, bean curd, bean curd sticks, fresh horsebean, soybean sprout were determined, the results were favorable.
3 Soy milk, defatted soy flour and soy protein concentrate were used in this study to prepare soy based yogurt and their properties were compared.
4 Using defatted soy flour as raw material , the modified soy protein were prepared in microwave oven.
5 It is white flour, soy flour a small powder mixing flour and made prorata basis.
6 In fact, studies have shown that foods like soy flour have a very different effect.
7 Mainly used for producing extruded soy flour, corn, soy meal and flaky feed for baby pigs in feed manufacturing as well as for processing other materials.
8 As adding amount of defatted soy flour increases, the peak viscosity of the mixed powder became smaller, farinograph and extensibility properties of dough showed deterioration trends.
9 She had fed the mothers GM soy flour purchased at a supermarket.
10 Beat eggs with salt, water, soy flour Jiaocheng light,[] wrapped in eggplant.
11 You will have better luck substituting smaller eggs in recipes that don't call for many. Or try substituting a tablespoon of soy flour and a tablespoon of water to replace an egg in a recipe.
12 The result indicated that the addition of konjak powder and defatted soy flour could improve significantly quality and nutritional value of noodle.
13 Powder materials suitable for a variety of bags, such as milk powder, flour, soy flour, powder, seasoning powder, pearl powder. Suitable for large.
14 It may be mixed with other meats and additives such as cereals, vegetable starch, soy flour, preservatives, artificial colourings, salt, and various herbs and spices.
15 Main products: soy protein isolate, soy protein enzyme, soybean protein concentrate , from Xing defatted soy flour, functional protein, soy protein powder, soybean oil, soybean embryo, and so on.
16 A quasi-3D FE model for a power-law fluid was used to describe the 3D transport process during the processing of defatted soy flour in the melt conveying section of a single-screw extruder.
17 Powder materials suitable for a variety of bags, such as milk powder, flour, soy flour, powder, seasoning powder, pearl powder.
18 The carotenoid pigments of wheat flour are bleached by the addition of enzyme - active soy flour.
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