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Soulful in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-07-22Updated:2017-07-22
Similar words: sulfur dioxidesoulwilfulfulfilskilfulwillfulsoul matefulfillMeaning: ['səʊlfʊl] adj. full of or expressing deep emotion. random good picture
(1) The dog looked at me with its big soulful brown eyes.
(2) He looked up with those great soulful eyes .
(3) But the result is satisfying and soulful, perfect rainy day fare.
(4) I suppose I really am the soulful type.
(5) My lungs filled with soulful strength.
(6) Soulful divas wail to great effect.
(7) He was about fifty, Dexter supposed(, with great soulful eyes and brown leathery skin.
(8) The spiritual, soulful nature of work.
(9) Expect instrumentals, funky numbers and some soulful jazz vocals from one Marie Harper.
(10) The watchers were quiet and soulful, as if the flames confirmed their deep beliefs about life here.
(11) "Young female troubadour worth keeping your eyes and ears on. " USA TODAY. "Soulful Emotional Music.
(12) But for his soulful singing, but no response.
(13) My dog a soulful look when I scolded her.
(14) Soulful listening is a powerful way to let others know they are valued and cared about.
(15) The spectacled Zhou Bichang, whose songs were called "soulful, " placed second.
(16) Almost without realizing it, he began to play a soulful, haunting melody.
(17) She had the same tall grace and was equally good looking in a gentler way with great soulful eyes.
(18) They clearly adore the multi-layered foundations of instrumental funk, and profoundly project this soulful hipster-cool attitude on All Night Burner.
(19) As for Miguel, he would treat her to a long stare with those soulful eyes and mutter something she did not understand.
(20) Like Modigliani, Jeanne was a romantic, a mysterious young woman with soulful blue eyes and a generous mouth.
(21) Later in the evening, a pack of coyotes surrounds us from a distance for a soulful evening howl.
(22) He looked at Louis, who stood aside watching Jambo out of wounded, soulful eyes.
(23) An old man, with clouds of white hair and dark, soulful eyes that had seen the mysteries of the universe.
(24) In mixed religion abstinency in, buddhism gives strictly prohibitive, this is the action that causes because of sex instinct and desire can cause soulful disturbance and trouble most.
(25) One short song the young lady played in a most soulful and tender mood.
(26) A delicious bistro and brasserie wine with loads of peppery black cherry and blackcurrant fruit, the wine is expressive, soulful , and just delicious.
(27) A vegetable little girl's heart was awakened by her brother's soulful song.
(28) He has a deep, commanding , powerhouse voice that is both ahusky and yet soulful, too.
(29) Over the past year we said goodbye to the incandescent Elizabeth Taylor and soulful songstress Amy Winehouse.
(30) As a young man, Mr. Salinger had a long, melancholy face and deep soulful eyes, but now, in the few photographs that surfaced, he looked gaunt and gray, like someone in an El Greco painting.
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