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Sorption in a sentence

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Similar words: resorptionabsorptionadsorptiondesorptionreabsorptionmalabsorptionself-absorptionabsorption spectrumMeaning: ['sɔrpʃn /'sɔː-] n. the process in which one substance takes up or holds another (by either absorption or adsorption). 
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1) The software for analysing the sorption and desorption isotherm of paddy was presented.
2) The sorption property of a series of dual-cation organobentonites in adsorbing the p-nitrophenol of different concentration in water was studied with simulation technique in laboratory.
3) In addition , the effects of sorption and nitrification on NH 4 + N transformation and tr.
4) The sorption behaviors for organobentonites to sorb oil from water have been investigated.
5) Sorption experimentsPhysisorption experiments were done on an ASAP 2100 physisorption apparatus to obtain isotherms of N2 adsorption and BET surface areas of the samples.
6) The sorption of Acenaphthene and Phenanthrene was characterized by linear isotherm, indicating solute partition between water and the organic phase in soil.
7) The result can be used to predict sorption kinetics of phenanthrene and naphthalene to loess soils and, .
8) Sorption is one of the most important mechanisms deciding Dinoseb transport in soils.
9) I deeply sorption,[] soak into the depths heart.
10) Langmuir equation could describe the sorption isotherm of Cu 2 +, Zn 2 + and Cd 2 +.
11) The term sorption encompasses both processes, while desorption is the reverse process.
12) Kinetic sorption characteristics of hexachlorobenzene (HCB) on Huangni soil surfaces were investigated by using the kinetic experimental methods.
13) This paper studied the sorption coefficient for Au(I) and Ag(I) in cyanide pulp of mudy and carbonaceous ores with GSR-resins and common anion exchange resin, and its influence factors.
14) Aim To investigate the sorption mechanism of chlorobenzenes on CTMAB modified kaolinite.
15) The study of competitive sorption of inositol hexaphosphate and orthophosphate by several soils from ...
16) Sepiolite can be used as a sorption carrier of abio - antimicrobial.
17) The sorption mechanism was also studied by octanol - water partition coefficients of organic compounds.
18) Aliphatic-rich humin exhibited the highest sorption capacity for HOCs and the largest degree of nonlinearity.
19) Recent electronic means of pumping using low temperature sorption techniques and getter - ion pumps have been introduced.
20) Uranium is frequently enriched by sorption or chemical combination in shales, lignites and phosphorites.
21) Experimental results show the apparent sorption rate constant decrease with increasing ionic strength added salt.
22) This work presented that 4-MEP adsorbent had high IgG sorption capacity and selectivity in human plasma. It shows excellent application prospect in the field of apheresis.
23) Two - stage treatment of black liquor of rice grass by coagulation and ad - sorption is studied.
24) The contribution of the two parts respectively into the pervaporationwas evaluated with the selective sorption factor and the selective diffusion factor.
25) We found that in the 112 nanometer catalysts tested, the strong, moderate and weak sorption nanometer catalysts were 29,36 and 47 respectively by the haemagglutination test.
26) But the calculated mean energy of adsorption, E, from the D-R isotherm, gives information about the chemical or physical properties of the sorption.
27) So the reason of P - Zn antagonism was not due to zinc sorption strength by application phosphorus.
28) Leben is compared with milk however, leben is easier to digest sum sorption , its nutrient utilization ratio improves to some extent will do.
29) Batch adsorption and column experiments were conducted to measure the sorption andleaching of napropamide in soils in the presence of DOM derived from green manure (GM)and sewage sludge (SS).
30) The effect of 10 types of activated carbon and 6 types of anion exchange resin on decolorizing of xylo oligosaccharides (XOS) syrup, and the colorant sorption isotherms were investigated.
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