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Somalian in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-02-24Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: somaliamammalianautosomalmammaliavaliantItalianvaliancevaliantlyMeaning: n. a member of a tall dark (mostly Muslim) people inhabiting Somalia. adj. of or relating to the African republic of Somalia or its people or their language and culture. 
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1) Nearly one million Somalians are on the brink of death by starvation or disease.
2) Like his people, the Somalian President can only beg for help.
3) Everyone agrees they were ordinary Somalian fishermen who at first took speedboats to try to dissuade the dumpers and trawlers , or at least wage a 'tax' on them.
4) Somalian pirates gain control of a supertanker with 2 million barrels of crude oil.
5) China's warships dispatched to fight pirates in Somalian waters will set out at around 1:30 pm Friday, according to navy officials.
6) They will soon be fighting Somalian ships and even chasing the pirates onto land, into one of the most broken countries on earth.
7) China's dispatch of two warships to help battle Somalian pirates has drawn an ambivalent global reaction – a sign of the decidedly mixed feelings toward its bid for big-power status.
8) Somalian man collects his belongings, which were spread out during a sandstorm at a refugee camp on the Tunisia-Libya border.
9) Somalian Children are dying everyday from starvation.
10) "Children in Somalia may not even be getting diagnosed with autism due to the overall lack of awareness of the disorder, " Berkowitz says, in a nod to the fact that there is no Somalian word for it.
11) During the past three years, the number of pirate attacks off the Somalian coast has tripled, and the techniques are becoming more sophisticated.
12) The East African Rift System bisects the horn of Africa—the Nubian plate to the west moving away from the Somalian plate to the east—before forking down either side of Uganda.
13) The Virunga chain is part of the East African Rift Valley system, which marks the boundary between two plates: the Nubian plate to the west and the Somalian plate to the east.
14) The fleet will stop in Pakistan's Karachi and Djibouti for supplies and are expected to arrive in the Somalian sea area in 10 days.
15) "If you look at Somalia, where industrial fishing has fished out Somalian waters and the local fishermen can't get food anymore,( what do they do?" Savitz said.
16) In 2009 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Eritrea in supplying weapons to Somalian militant group al-Shabab which is believed to have relations with Al Qaeda.
17) An estimated 700 foreign-owned vessels are fishing regularly in Somalian waters for endangered tuna, shark and lobster.
18) There had been no cases of polio in Kenya for 21 years until a new case was detected among Somalian refugees in northeastern Kenya two years ago.
19) Children walking home after school in Hagadera, near the Somalian border.
20) It's also stressing the need to protect Chinese ships and crew, after a recent incident in which Chinese crewmembers fought off Somalian hijackers with Molotov cocktails and makeshift water cannons.
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