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Solubilization in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2018-07-11Updated:2018-07-11
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1. The solubilization capacity increases with the increase of relative molecular mass of sodium naphthenate or its concentration.
2. The phase behavior and the maximum solubilization capacity of different mixed oil-mixed surfactants-water systems were studied in a pseudo-ternary phase diagram.
3. In this paper, the influence of chelator, regulator, solubilization agent and chain transfer agent on the cationic polyacrylamide arediscussed.
4. At these conditions , the solubilization of DCE can reach 34.32 %.
5. OBJECTIVE To study the formation and solubilization mechanism of cefuroxime axetil solid dispersion.
6. Cell lysates were homogenized in solubilization buffer supplemented with protease inhibitors on ice.
7. Solubilization of phenol in micellar solution of nonionic surfactant and in coacervate phase of cloud point extraction were investigated with spectrometer method.
8. The addition of a cosurfactant can improve solubilization in polymeric rever sed micelles.
9. The solubilization effect of naphthenic acid on the component of long chain hydrocarbon gases is observed.
10. The result showed that solubilization of phenol in coacervate phase was related to the structure of surfactant micelle.
11. Objective:To develop a Triton X-100 solubilization spectrophotometric method for the determination of furaldehyde in the air of workplace.
12. The solubilization magnitude increases with the build-up of PAMAM mass concentration or generation, and their solubilizing pattern is different from that of traditional surfactant.
13. Investigating the solubilization by Phase solubility method.
14. Quantity of water solubilization by rust inhibitors was calculated based on the phase digram .
15. Oxidation - reduction reactions are important in the solubilization and precipitation of iron and manganese.
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16. Aim To investigate the combined effect of cosolvent and cyclodextrin ( CD ) on solubilization of insoluble drugs.
17. Biosurfactants are used for emulsification, increasing detergency, wetting and phase dispersion, as well as for solubilization.
18. The increase of concentration of inorganic electrolyte in aqueous phase can also markedly raise the solubilization capacity of sodium naphthenates for oil.
19. Behavior of PSS aqueous solution was studied and its solubilization effect for benzoic acid was determined.
20. Water as the carrier, compounded with the hydrophilic lubricator, the emulsifier, the anti-rust and anti-corrosive agent, the thermodynamic stability system with solubilization was formed.
21. The following experimental studies were conducted in this paper:(1) The solubilization of aldicarb in SDBS aqueous solution.
22. Caustic washing and oil deposition from alkali waste were used to determine the solubilization capacity of sodium naphthenate for oil fractions.
23. The second major method of chemically rupturing cells is solubilization by detergents.
24. It has been established and elucidated from laboratory test that water solubilization by oil-soluble rust inhibitors is a mechanism of rust preventive oil action.
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