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Softened in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-02-13Updated:2018-02-13
Similar words: softenersoftensoften upas often assofteningas often as notofteneroften and oftenMeaning: ['sɑfn /'sɒfn] adj. 1. toned down 2. being or made softer or less loud or clear. random good picture
1 Stark concrete walls have been softened by a show of fresh flowers.
2 The ice cream softened and began to melt.
3 All at once, Mick's serious expression softened into a grin.
4 The king's expression softened, but the line of his jaw remained taut as a bowstring.
5 A dense and caramelly - sweet espresso shot softened a dollop of whipped cream.
6 Although he has softened his tone, he remains adamantly against Turkish entry.
7 Ingredients: 6 Chicken drumsticks, 2 oz Butter ( softened ), 2 tbsp Shallot ( minced ).
8 Later, Honolulu softened toward the resolute old captain.
9 The water has been treated ( softened ), but it is not drinkable water.
10 Then Orpheus began to play his music and softened Hades'heart.
11 She had never seen him softened, and was much distressed.
12 Hard water which can be softened by adding sodium carbonate is called permanent hard water.
13 In Dutch and Low German,[] the initial consonant softened to become daler.
14 The beach defences were softened up before the landing craft was in.
15 Fry for about 4 minutes, until the onion has softened.
16 Absences at school began to drop and the children's disruptive behaviors softened.
17 As the administrator put down the phone he grimaced wearily, then his manner softened.
18 In the first, it is annealed, meaning it is run through a furnace to be softened.
19 Add carrot, celery, onions and hazelnut oil, saut é until softened.
20 At night, when all the windows are lit up, the hardness of the daytime is softened.
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