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Soft money in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-03-02Updated:2017-03-02
Similar words: hot moneysoftsoftlysoftenmoneysoftwarelast monthhoneyMeaning: n. political contributions made in such a way as to avoid the United States regulations for federal election campaigns (as by contributions to a political action committee). 
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1. Both major parties raised soft money at a furious pace in 1995 and 1996, each gathering more than $ 100 million.
2. In theory, soft money is supposed to be used only for generic party activities and not to support specific candidates.
3. Soft money helped pay for the contract and its follow-through, just as it helped finance the Democratic counterattack.
4. Of the soft money total, $ 2, 357, 259 went to the Republican party.
5. Soft money is different from contributions made directly to presidential and congressional candidates.
6. But they can give parties any amount of soft money.
7. Dole now backs a ban on PACs,( soft money contributions and the use of dues to finance labor union donations.
8. The study covered soft money gifts to the national, House and Senate committees of each major party.
9. Both major parties raised large amounts of soft money for use during the presidential campaign.
10. Soft money refers to funds donated by individuals and corporations directly to parties.
11. I was sinking fast in the mire of soft money.
12. So $ 120, 000 in soft money contributions personally solicited by me got moved to hard money accounts.
13. In practice, both parties use soft money to finance expensive media campaigns that promote their presidential candidates.
14. Restrictions on soft money have been endorsed by Sen.
15. The American system of representative democracy has been seriously challenged by this phenomenon, especially because the "soft money" results in enormous political corruption.
16. "Soft money" contributions, by law, may not be used to support directly a candidate for federal office.
17. Hence, there's no need to come up with equivalents for "fax," "soft money," and "steroids."
18. Meanwhile,[ money.html] "soft money"has emerged as a special phenomenon during presidential election campaigns.
19. The issue of hard and soft money is only scratching the surface of this complicated subject of campaign money .
20. By 1996, a total of $ 250 million in soft money had been given to the two parties.
21. Suspecting the worst, editorial boards and other high-minded folks demand an end to soft money.
22. And there is no limit on the size of soft money contributions.
23. Hard money can be used to support an individual candidate's campaign, but soft money is not supposed to help individual candidates but instead to support the party.
24. They essentially were outlawed by recent campaign finance reform legislation, the McCain Feingold Bill. Outlawing soft money was intended to limit, clarify, and clean up election fundraising.
25. The screen saver shows all money of EURO, both a soft money and coins.
26. Yet, the reform bill had a difficult time for seven years circulating around Congress before it was finally passed thanks to the unveiling of soft money scandals.
27. Both sides of the aisle are corrupted by the soft money that gets them elected.
28. This is a noble temperament of shadows, hand book our legs to worship, soft money for life.
29. The law eliminated "loopholes" (or legislative oversights ) that in the past allowed the use of soft money to aid candidates running for federal office.
30. On the stump in New Hampshire we saw a rare sight: a Republican candidate and a Democratic candidate standing together to pledge they would push for reform and not touch soft money themselves.
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