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Social process in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
Similar words: chemical processphysical processbiological processcentral processing unitparallel processingmedical proceduresocial phobiasocial policyMeaning: n. a process involved in the formation of groups of persons. 
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1, This identity and continuity impinged itself upon the social process.
2, The legal structure of law interpretation is a social process constituted of law inference of form rationality, value judgment of value rationality and social identity of association rationality.
3, Learning is a social process that occurs through interpersonal interaction within a cooperative context. Individuals, working together, construct shared understandings and knowledge.
4, War is fundamentally an interactive social process.
5, Language is both a social process and a psychological activity process.
6, Education is a social process. Education is not only a preparation for life, it is life itself.
7, As the practice indicates, ethics and morals, in social process, function as a force of guidance, impetus and restriction as well.
8, Technology innovation diffusion is a social process.
9, Since life is also fundamentally an interactive social process, that's why I've chosen to use the terms war and life interchangeably.
10, As in his earlier work the aim is to analyse the levels of social process that constitute social formations.
11, The constructionist accounts also stress the central role of language and communication in the social process of knowledge.
12, I am arguing that the process of creating abstractions at the level or shared consciousness - knowledge - is a social process.
13, In this way change is seen as a developing social process the repercussions of which can not be completely forecast.
14, The three areas can be described as ones of political - religious mediation occurring at different levels of social process.
15, In fact, as far as both Christian theology theories and Russian history are concerned,[ process.html] Russian social process could not be described without consideration of the Orthodox.
16, So the formation the effect of ideological - political education communication includes the psychological process and social process.
17, The fonnation process of the effect of ideological-political education communication is complex, for some information directly flows to receivers, yet some by the social process.
18, It is doubtful whether true linearism exists in any social process or evolution.
19, In addition, social logos plays a role as foundation of the institutional design and is the meaning of determination of social structure and social process as a whole.
20, Studies of China's organizational and institutional innovation and change as a social process should take social change rather than institutional typology as their basic paradigm.
21, He's referring to how Facebook introduced a way to make sharing photos a more social process.
22, The key point is that justification — and therefore knowledge of the truth — is a social process.
23, The productive process is not only the process human beings make use of natural resources and forces, but also a social process.
24, This article regards the growth of entrepreneurs as a social process to continuously create new values from a new view and analyze the relevancy of entrepreneurs' growth and industry environment.
25, It has been contended that the reality of the social process is quite different from its appearance: we need to go beyond the misleading surface appearance to recognize its nature.
26, Observed from sociological aspects, the process of education is a social process.
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