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Sniffer in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
Similar words: sniffsniffysniff outsnifflesniffingdifferdifferentdifferenceMeaning: n. a person who sniffs. random good picture
1 Sniffer dogs were brought in to follow the men after they abandoned the vehicle in a ditch.
2 Sniffer dogs were used to find the drugs.
3 Sniffer dogs could be trained to track them down.
4 In the course of several days, the sniffer could gather information on local users logging into remote machines.
5 a glue/paint sniffer.
6 The sniffer device looked like a big vacuum cleaner.
7 Bambiraptor had a keen sniffer similar to that of a modern-day turkey vulture.
8 Police with sniffer dogs are among the 700 workers combing the wreckage.
9 Provide a hardware switch to enable connecting a sniffer to multiple links.
10 If you stick a packet sniffer on the network, you will notice that each traffic manager has started to announce its health using IGMP/Multicast heartbeat messages.
11 You can download a packet sniffer which grabs packets from local interface and analyses headers.
12 Ethereal is an open source network sniffer and protocol analyzer based on libpcap library.
13 This system is composed by sniffer, monitor control center, remote management unit and remote terminal.
14 Of Sniffer Pro. It is recommended that you build a dedicated system for Sniffer Pro.
15 They are bringing sniffer dogs, fibre - optic scopes, life - detector systems and hydraulic cutters and spreaders.
16 LAN sniffer, that is, through the card can record all packets.
17 Are You a Sneezer, Wheezer, Sniffer, or Dripper?
18 The president was a sniffer himself.
19 A packet sniffer for a token ring network could detect that the token has been lost or the presence of too many tokens (verifying the protocol).
20 Such as wiretapping mode called "sniffer base on intermix mode".
21 The Kismet wireless sniffer is an 802.11 b network sniffer and network dissector.
22 The technique of Sniffer Discovery is a hard problem in network security.
23 The recovering of real-time TCP message based on wide-band networks sniffer deals with memory management for buffer memory of IP packets and TCP connection maintenance.
24 One of the best tools for performing network analysis is a network analyzersuch as Sniffer Pro.
25 A ceremony was also held outside the Trident hotel as police with sniffer dogs patrolled outside.
26 Assistant Commissioner Paul Evans ,( explaining why Melbourne Police's newest drug sniffer dogs weren't working as planned.
27 One of the most critical actions is the password sniffer installation with its packet driver.
28 He said they were shooting through walls, throwing grenades around corners, going from house to house looking for Hamas gunmen and using bomb sniffer dogs.
29 He most likely looked for a dead port on the hub and plugged his laptop in with a packet sniffer installed on it, which promiscuously picks up traffic on a network segment.
30 It takes time and needs special skills, so mass - producing sniffer dogs would be hard.
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