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Slave state in a sentence

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Similar words: real estate investment trustslaveestateslavergestaterestatetestateslaveryMeaning: n. any of the southern states in which slavery was legal prior to the American Civil War. random good picture
1. Van Buren did not want another slave state in the Union.
2. As a northerner, he did not want another slave state in the Union.
3. The passage of the act was opposed strenuously by congressmen from border slave states but was carried over their opposition.
4. He named a new governor, Wilson Shannon. Shannon supported the pro-slavery laws of the legislature. He also said Kansas should become a slave state, like Missouri.
5. Under this pressure, President Buchanan made his decision. He would ask Congress to accept the pro-slavery Kansas constitution and make the territory a slave state.
6. Geary said a few powerful men hoped to make Kansas a slave state. If this failed, Geary said, they hoped their actions would produce civil war.
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7. But these men were sure of one thing. They wanted Kansas to be a slave state.
8. President Polk's alternative to the Wilmot Proviso was to fall back on the Missouri Compromise, an 1820 law that permitted Missouri to be admitted as a slave state with Maine as a free state.
9. While a black man can be turned out of a car in Massachusetts, Massachusetts is a slave State.
10. Missouri had permission to enter the union as a slave state.
11. Kansas would continue as a territory for a few more years. But there would be no further attempt to make it a slave state.
12. He added that Congress would not accept Kansas as a slave state, or a free state, until the people had voted on the question of slavery.
13. Supporters of slavery wanted to organize a constitutional convention that could put Kansas into the Union as a slave state.
14. Slavery was not permitted there . state of Missouri lay next to Nebraska . Missouri was slave state.
15. This satisfied the slave owners of the South who wanted Texas in the Union as a slave state.
16. Four thousand years ago, Da Yu, the reputed founder of the Xia Dynasty (21st-16th century B. C. ), established a slave state here. It is said that Mt.
17. The design of each functional module, including the bridge selected module, MLB slave state machine, buffer, AHB master state machine, arbiter.
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