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Skillfully in a sentence

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Sentence count:55+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-18Updated:2017-01-18
Similar words: skillskilledruefullycarefullyhopefullysuccessfullydisdainfullypurposefullyMeaning: adv. with skill. random good picture
1 The jeweller skillfully engraved the initials on the ring.
2 He skillfully parried all the interviewer's most probing questions.
3 He tooled skillfully along the path.
4 The author skillfully fuses these fragments into a cohesive whole.
5 He skillfully fuses these fragments into a cohesive whole.
6 She has created an intriguing story by skillfully interweaving fictional and historical events.
7 She steered the car skillfully through the narrow streets.
8 The candidate skillfully worked the huge crowd.
9 If the wound is stitched up skillfully,( it will hardly leave a mark.
10 Senator O'Brian skillfully dodged the crucial question.
11 But she did it so skillfully that again neither she nor her plane was seriously damaged.
12 Soprano Gretchen Johnson skillfully sang the witty minimal texts set to an academic mix of serial and popular music styles.
13 Political virtuoso that he is, Haider played skillfully on popular fears over these issues.
14 Skillfully using bathos, he emptied the story of any heroic dimensions and converted it into farce.
15 With that he killed man after man(, so skillfully that not one uttered a sound as he died.
16 Needlecraft Exhibition, many facets of needlework skillfully demonstrated, Treasurer's House, York.
17 Senator O'Brian skillfully dodged the reporter's question.
18 If a story was written skillfully enough to include vivid descriptions, Louisa pictured them in her mind.
19 The restaurant delivery boy rode skillfully up on his bike.
20 Beyond mere rhetoric, Church leaders have skillfully capitalized on their formidable influence in Catholic countries.
21 She drives a car skillfully.
22 It returned attention to China and skillfully negotiated normalization without abandoning Taiwan.
23 Our own best tactical concepts, skillfully turned against us.
24 Ogden played the piano more skillfully than his fellow - countryman conducted the orchestra.
25 The thoughts make skillfully, hundred years bustle about, have only added the state of mind.
26 It is also clear that people did not crowd into the mission on Azusa Street because of a skillfully crafted publicity campaign.
27 Even the accounts of the slave revolt are woven skillfully into the novel.
28 With sharp mind and witty words, the silver-tongued diplomat skillfully coped with the tough questions from the press.
29 Master graph adjacency list of definitions and applications, able to skillfully use the adjacency list.
30 The workers can manipulate the gears and levers of a machine skillfully.
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