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Skilfully in a sentence

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Similar words: skillfullyskilfulunskilfulskillfulunskillfulskillfulnesswilfulfullyMeaning: adv. with skill. 
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(1) He parried the unwelcome question very skilfully.
(2) It has been skilfully renovated by the present owners.
(3) The Minister was her usual evasive self, skilfully dodging reporters' questions about her possible resignation.
(4) She handled a difficult argument skilfully.
(5) She had used make-up skilfully to mask the bruise.
(6) He skilfully manoeuvred the motor boat past the rocks.
(7) He steered by that question skilfully.
(8) She steered the car skilfully through the narrow streets.
(9) The author skilfully draws together the different threads of the plot.
(10) He fielded some awkward questions very skilfully.
(11) He has riffled the cards skilfully.
(12) Hall skilfully weaves the historical research into a gripping narrative.
(13) He paced his game skilfully.
(14) She had used make-up skilfully to mask her bruise, and with the subdued stage light it was scarcely visible.
(15) Skilfully planned for most of the year it is full of colour.
(16) But he had skilfully pacified even the most vociferous of dissenters.
(17) The canard tipped and the pilot skilfully dived us back into the field for a perfect emergency landing.
(18) Even if the insults were skilfully repaid with interest.
(19) In this volume Storni skilfully explored the many possibilities of recreating meaning in rhythm by means of freer versification.
(20) He developed a strategy skilfully designed to establish intelligentsia leadership over this revolt.
(21) However skilfully that is organised(Sentencedict), the disruption to the vital work of the Institute will be close to unbearable.
(22) The drivers roared round tight corners and skilfully navigated a twisty, bendy and muddy course.
(23) He crossed the road, dodging the traffic skilfully.
(24) Many of the paintings have been skilfully restored and are well displayed.
(25) Hanson skilfully exploited the system of proportional representation, which asks voters to list candidates in order of preference.
(26) He had a clear idea of his company's strengths and skilfully exploited them.
(27) He broke his arm last year but he plays the piano as skilfully as ever.
(28) We recognize, too, that a healthy lifestyle contributes more to looking good than skilfully used cosmetics.
(29) The kittens know instinctively what to do, they just have to learn exactly how to do it skilfully.
(30) The account of events leading up to her dismissal and her subsequent reinstatement is skilfully narrated.
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