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Sissy in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2017-03-29
Similar words: narcissismbossysassymessypussyfussymassygrassyMeaning: ['sɪsɪ] n. a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive. adj. having unsuitable feminine qualities. random good picture
1. Nina looks the spitting image of Sissy Spacek.
2. The other boys kept calling him a sissy and a wimp.
3. You daren't jump down, you sissy!
4. This week's-tiresomely entitled Tomboy Or Sissy?-was about gender and the toddler.
5. Kevin is such a sissy.
6. "Last one in the sea is a sissy," proclaimed Idris.
7. As a man, how can you be a sissy?
8. The dancing teacher looks like a sissy, but he is very strong.
9. Far from being sissy, it takes a real man to accept that he is not perfect.
10. He really liked Sissy too well to have a contempt for her.
11. Sissy had suddenly turned her head, and looked, in wonder, in pity, in sorrow.
12. Don't gild the lily, gild the sissy.
13. She probably thinks I sissy up in here.
14. You may be a sissy but I'll still pound you onto ground.
15. No wonder Charles had been a sissy, coming from a home like this.
16. Sissy blushed, and stood up.
17. He wanted to go to dance classes, but he was afraid the other boys would call him a sissy.
18. We tagged him'sissy " [ ( as ) a sissy ].
19. The clothes that Mom buys make me look like a sissy.
20. I hate to talk to Charles. He is too sissy.
21. We can do that, but Sun Tzu didn't ,[] not really. Because he was a sissy.
22. A fat man is the first speaker. His voice is thin and weak as if sissy.
23. A long silence was broken at last by his shaky little voice: " The sissy. "
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