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Singleton in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: singletsinglesinglessingle outsingle bedsingle-phasesingle roomsinglenessMeaning: ['sɪŋgltən] n. 1. a single object (as distinguished from a pair) 2. a set containing a single member 3. the playing card that is the only card in a suit held in a bridge hand as initially dealt. random good picture
1, Alliott told Singleton he was passing the sentence prescribed by law.
2, Singleton was a fantasist who claimed to have a karate blackbelt.
3, Singleton took a whack at Miller's head.
4, Jack has a singleton in hearts.
5, Bank is a 38-year-old singleton who grew up in Philadelphia.
6, A singleton honour offside will also allow you to score five tricks if you pick it right.
7, A good fellow, a fine soldier, thought Mr Singleton.
8, It is that real-life drama that Singleton decided to explore and recreate on film.
9, But in the hands of director John Singleton, it instead descends disappointingly into vacuous, hokey Hollywoodism.
10, Captain Singleton must learn the laws of human fellowship in the company of pirates.
11, All calls to a singleton object are handled by one instance of that object.
12, Inclusion criteria were nulliparity, lack of diabetes, singleton pregnancy, cephalic presentation, and cervical dilatation of less than 6 cm.
13, Singleton is at a loss, love also indecision!
14, Because a singleton, father fears him be being beaten dead, often crying to ask Aizi pardon.
15, Miss Singleton didn't call back, did she?
16, Mr. Singleton wants to bet with you on the election.
17, A singleton service locator with a resource cache creates a global cache that cannot properly handle the component-level mappings for an overloaded resource name.
18, The Singleton pattern is used in the design of logger classes.
19, This woman is probably the UK's most famous singleton.
20, Next came a fashion show of ladies' hats designed by Billie Singleton of Topeka.
21, This paper presents a prediction model of frequency parameters of short - wave communication based on - singleton fuzzy system.
22, The irony is that delivering and for twins costs 16 as much as for a singleton.
23, This class handles all application interaction with a user. The class is a singleton.
24, In regular expressions,( a normal character is an atom that denotes the singleton set of strings containing only itself.
25, I went and had a look round Kew Gardens with the botanist Joyce Singleton; it was a bit of a busman 's holiday for her.
26, In this note, two congruence numerical ranges of a matrix associated with completely symmetric function are defined, and the conditions for them to be singleton set and their shapes are discussed.
27, For example, the State pattern often harmononizes with the Flyweight and Singleton patterns.
28, Yes, Bridget Jones is returning to the multiplexes in a new film from Working Title, with Renee Zellweger set to reprise her role as the chardonnay-quaffing, big-underpants-wearing British singleton.
29, The code at BE allocates the memory from the heap for the Singleton object and stores a pointer to that memory in eax.
30, In an effort to create more efficient code, Java programmers created the double-checked locking idiom to be used with the Singleton creation pattern to limit how much code is synchronized.
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