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Simultaneity in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: simultaneoussimultaneouslysimultaneous equationspontaneitysimulatesimulcastsimulatedsimulatorMeaning: [‚saɪmltə'nɪːətɪ /‚sɪm-] n. happening or existing or done at the same time. random good picture
(1) Due to the simultaneity between the dependent variable and the current eurobond yield, the equation was estimated by instrumental variables.
(2) There is the simultaneity constraint in other systems when some tasks share a common resource.
(3) The simultaneity monitoring of inputs, the functions "monitored" or "automatic start" and two delayed contacts can be set.
(4) Simultaneity it also concludes and analyses the reason and mode of shill bidding.
(5) Simultaneity depends on the system from which you observe it, right ?
(6) Simultaneity , Compares the effect of Dianthus Caryophyllus vase planting with different concentrations Phytic Acid, pure water, and sucrose solution.
(7) Confronted with dilemma in multitask simultaneity.
(8) The non - simultaneity in operation brought error to measuring results and data correction.
(9) Simultaneity , contraposing some problems during setting a small - scale B 2 C - commerce system(, the thesis analyse and solve them.
(10) Simultaneity, optimized code combined with the characteristics of hardware structure and software calculation.
(11) Simultaneity, We have passed the Chinese Environment Sign Product Certification Council, and devoted to developing , producing distribution of the innocuity, sanative environment green products.
(12) It is shown how length, time and simultaneity are relative.
(13) Simultaneity, we termly develop some fashion and beautiful pearl set to accommodate the requirement of Markey.
(14) Simultaneity, feature knowledge library which includes the information of parting surface were built with the index of main shape feature.
(15) Simultaneity doubt coating effectively solve the twice coating crape effect lowlihead , products baddish lowlihead problem etc.
(16) Simultaneity optimization for structure and weight distribution of neural network belongs to two class evolutionary method.
(17) Meanwhile, simultaneity of different flight path data can be realized via time calibration arithmetic.
(18) Estimation of a single function under simultaneity will result in biased and inconsistent estimates.
(19) Shevek is a brilliant physicist working on a Theory of Simultaneity.
(20) The way he told the story, it sounded as if both happened with raw, spontaneous simultaneity.
(21) The models may be extended to include observable explanatory variables and simultaneity can be allowed for as in econometric models.
(22) The spatiality of this kind of novels is a meaning network via juxtaposition and simultaneity.
(23) Pertaining to the occurrence of events in time sequence, with no simultaneity or overlap of events.
(24) The ballistic simulator was used to make experiments of ignition simultaneity of the normal centre core ignitor and the LVD centre core ignitor to propellants.
(25) Results The specificity and accuracy were high, when pannus enhancement and morning stiffness or pannus enhancement and RF positive existed simultaneity.
(26) It's true , of course, that the notion of simultaneity is highly relative in your country.
(27) Conclusion It has great value to diagnose RA when pannus enhancement in MRI existed simultaneity with morning stiffness or and RF positive.
(28) Furthermore, the second-order effect and shear deformation of the structures were magnified due to semi-rigid connections, the ultimate load resistance of the structures was reduced simultaneity.
(29) In an age where information can be accessed anywhere, it is the simultaneity of all media and, more importantly, the curatorship of their content that will make the library vital.
(30) The breach of the article is that it can give attention to both simultaneity and diachrony the same as both extent and depth when states vocabulary structure of the new net words.
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