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Simpleness in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2018-03-12Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: herpes simplexcompletenesssupplenessincompletenesssimplesimplexsimplersimpletonMeaning: n. 1. a lack of penetration or subtlety 2. the quality of being simple or uncompounded 3. freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort 4. lack of ornamentation. 
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1. Simpleness is a Very abundance essential thing, and the zen ideology too emphasize the point.
2. Its simpleness , high accuracy and adaptability are verified by both the theoretical calculation and experiment.
3. For simpleness, the budgeted financial statements are omitted.
4. Because of the excellence of simpleness and rapidness, ultrasonic is applied in the engineering comprehensively.
5. Its earthliness and simpleness, clearness and amiableness are also an important mean to win the attention of the audiences.
5. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
6. CONCLUSION:Because of the speediness, simpleness and good specificity, the PCR combined with restriction enzyme digestion can be used as a primary screening in the gene diagnosis of CMT1A.
7. We use neural network because of its simpleness and accurateness.
8. Due to its simpleness, the proposed approach is more applicable for fast interactive processing and real time visualization.
9. This algorithm has efficiency characteristic in performance, simpleness characteristic in implementation.
10. The valve adopt the bolt joint, it's construct simpleness , seal trustiness, capability choiceness, and examine - repair convenience.
11. As a new analytic technique with simpleness, speediness and exactness, near infrared spectroscopy(NIR) is increasingly used in many fields.
12. Simpleness, sometimes comes after more miserable and difficult, honestly, simpleness be so simply.
13. The case study indicates that this method is characterized by simpleness and practicability for application.
14. It is an effective liquid separation tool with advantages such as simpleness, celerity and veracity.
15. Staying in the room to the top of my bent whole afternoon , cleaning the house, keeping the room cleanlily, simpleness. listening to the music , keep busy with my hand , it is really relax to me .
16. The all - optical method has the advantages of real time, simpleness and low cost.
17. Since the classical branching processes is proposed, Branching process has developed both from simpleness to the complex, and from unitarily to multiplicity for more than one century.
18. Conclusion The modified restriction enzyme-based method is convenient for clinical EGFR mutation screening in non-small cell lung cancer for its simpleness, cost-saving and high sensitivity.
19. All parameter set by the man - machine conversation operation simpleness and convenience.
20. Genetic algorithm ( GA ) has the virtue of simpleness, robustness and parallel in essence.
21. Vacuum ultraviolet lamp ionization source is attractive for portable analytical instrument because of its smallness and simpleness.
22. It includes two advantages: the high speed of the average power analysis and the simpleness of matrix iteration. With same accuracy the method can save the calculation time.
23. Subjecting the models field engineering calculating test shows its safety, rationality, simpleness and practicability.
24. The person - computer alternation interface is amity and the operation is simpleness.
25. The designing of programming dead band in integrated motor controller of ourselves is introduced here, showing its high-efficiency and simpleness.
26. Euclid geometry can be regarded as an abstraction of nature. Comparing to Euclid geometry's simpleness, Fractal geometry reflects natural contexture more veritably.
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