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Silent movie in a sentence

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Similar words: apparent movementsilentsilentssilent treatmentsilentlymoviesilent partnermoviesMeaning: n. a movie without a soundtrack. 
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1. A silent movie doesn't mean it is motionless.
2. He would fit more naturally into an old silent movie than he would have done on Tiswas.
3. A letter hidden for years by British silent movie pioneer Charlie Chaplin has come to light which claims he lied about his birthplace and was in fact born in a gypsy caravan.
4. When talking pictures arrived, silent movie fans decried the chattering and missed the mighty Wurlitzer organ, but few do today.
5. In other words, it's almost like a silent movie, as most of the dialog completely misses its destination, while Bean stumbles right through the middle.
6. Participants will learn about and create their own silent movie, which they will perform on our replica Kevin Theatre stage!
7. Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Remember that silent movie scene where the comic hero, Harold Lloyd, dangles outside a building, clinging to the minute-hand of a giant clock?
8. Eventually, he coerces several of them onstage to shoot a silent movie, somehow selecting precisely the right individuals.
9. He accused me of histrionics and dubbed me Sarah Bernhardt, after the crown princess of stage and silent movie melodrama.
10. But, given the doom and gloom already surrounding the earliest silent movies, maybe he wasn't joking at all.
11. It didn't deter many of Hollywood's young stars in those days of silent movies from using drugs.
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. Often a parody of what people think of as silent movie acting, Valentino became an exotic heart-throb with gleaming eyes and flaring nostrils, in The Sheik, Blood and Sand and Monsieur Beaucaire.
13. Because, says a 37-liker, "It looks mysterious, like a cloaked villain from a silent movie." Really?
14. ANNOUNCER: So it seems that the voice can operate like a silent movie as a sequence of wordless gestures or a face made up of sounds.
15. There is hardly a shop, hotel or restaurant that does not bear a sepia-toned image of the man gazing down like a silent movie star.
16. In passing ostentatious, understood that the camouflage maliciously , has already put behind the sad feeling. all are a silent movie as if, in nobody left theater performance.
17. On celluloid would be born the evil genius Rotwang in Fritz Lang's stunning silent movie Metropolis, and Peter Sellers's darkly humorous portrayal of the appalling Dr.
18. As striking as the above image is, it is but a single frame from a recently released 60-frame silent movie where Rhea can be seen gliding in front of its parent world.
19. Because, says a 37-liker, "It looks mysterious, like a cloaked villain from a silent movie."
20. Yet The Tree of Life's only real competition came from The Artist, a beautiful black-and-white silent film about the end of the silent movie era in Hollywood.
21. Charles Chaplin (1889-1977) was one of the greatest and widely loved silent movie stars.
22. These were introduced 85 years ago to make a silent movie and have since overrun the island and damaged local vegetation, say Eric Hanson, a professor at USC.
23. After dinner, I walked along the coast. see the same color, gray vast, silent movie fishing boat floating in the Gulf.
24. Robert Downey Jr received acclaim, and an Oscar nomination, for his pitch-perfect performance as the great silent movie era comic Charlie Chaplin in Richard Attenborough's sprawling 1992 film.
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