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Shovel in in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2017-12-18Updated:2017-12-18
Similar words: shovelgrovelinglovelinesshovelshoveshove offpushoverpush overMeaning: v. 1. earn large sums of money 2. eat a large amount of food quickly. random good picture
1. They lowered Virgil into his grave and shoveled in the dirt and made a nice mound over him.
2. Shovel in hand, he forded the river heading back; the water which had risen precipitously was now above his chin.
3. The dogs food is hand mixed with a shovel in a gigantic, kiddie pool-sized bowl and then transfered into wooden troughs.
4. Also with a shovel in the ground floor , just out of the soil, strange that this cup is kept outside the LDC Shenzhuo red liquid, as in the blood,[] just like a dip.
5. Bring a shovel in case the snow is deep.
6. Then Durbeyfield began to shovel in the earth and the children cried anew.
7. Here he stands, with a shovel in his hand.
8. Then Mrs. McAlister grabbed a shovel in the yard and swung it at the cougar.
9. That's almost the distance from a snow shovel in Calgary to a palm tree in California.
10. T-Bag swings his shovel in the hole while the rest of the men pour the concrete rubble behind the newly lain sheetrock.
11. To study the vibrating property of sub-soiling shovel in practical working conditions and design the correct structure of the shovel, a modal experiment was conducted.
12. I sat on the closed toilet seat and marveled at the sound of razor gliding over his face, pushing aside the foamy soap like a shovel in the snow.
13. A farmer is fertilizing his crops using a small shovel in this picture.
14. "These worries that we have are so rare, " says Christie Barnes, mother of four and author of The Paranoid Parents Guide. "It's like packing a snow shovel in case it snows in Las Vegas."
15. Taking tillage erosion into consideration, contour-tillage method obviously is superior to downslope tillage, and trampling-shovel method is superior to hoe and shovel in downslope tillage.
16. " asked Meg one snowy afternoon, as her sister came tramping through the hall, in rubber boots, old sack, and hood, with a broom in one hand and a shovel in the other.
17. Like Romans, Athenians and other residents of the world, s great historic cities, Istanbulites can hardly put a shovel in the ground without digging up something important.
18. To introduce the wire rope structure and service life situation of solid polymer covered and filled rope for electric shovel in China.
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