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Shove in a sentence

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Sentence count:127+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-18Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: bumpgoadjostlenudgeprodpushramthrustSimilar words: over and overshowshoutshockshowershootshortshow inMeaning: [ʃʌv] n. the act of shoving (giving a push to someone or something). v. 1. come into rough contact with while moving 2. push roughly 3. press or force. random good picture
(1) Harry gave him a hefty shove and he fell over.
(2) Voters are telling the Congress to shove its new tax plan.
(3) Encouraging me when I need a shove.
(4) If push comes to shove, we can always sell the car.
(5) She gave Gracie a shove towards the house.
(6) Don't let them shove you around. You've got to stand up for your rights.
(7) We can get one more in if you shove up.
(8) Shove over/along, Lena( ), and make some room for me.
(9) Will you stuff the turkey and shove it in the oven for me?
(10) Help me shove this furniture aside.
(11) Shove up! Jan wants to sit down.
(12) Shove off and leave me alone!
(13) You have to give the door a good shove, or it won't close.
(14) I'll just shove this laundry in the washer before we go out.
(15) Shove your suitcase under the bed.
(16) If push comes to shove, you can always sell the car.
(17) She sent him off with a little shove.
(18) You aren't wanted here(, so shove off!
(19) Give the door a good shove.
(20) They can't just shove motorways anywhere they like, you know.
(21) Would you help me give the piano a shove?
(22) Lambert gave Luckwell a hefty shove to send him on his way.
(23) Shove over , friend, and make room for me.
(24) Shove up mate, there's no room to sit down here.
(25) But she did give him a hefty shove and he nearly fell.
(26) Sure, the Soviet Union wanted to shove pins into its rival from as close up as possible.
(27) If she asks me to work over the weekend I'll tell her to shove it up her ass!
(28) When I told him he'd have to work harder, he said I could take the job and shove it.
(29) They can take their three cents an hour raise and shove it .
(30) Just wait your turn - there's no need to shove.
More similar words: over and overshowshoutshockshowershootshortshow inshow offshow uprush outshortsbishopshouldin shortshoot upshortlyshortagethresholdcut shortgift shopa big shotworkshopshootingshort-termovenlovemoveoverglove
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