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Shared memory in a sentence

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1. No one can understand the hurt and pain of life, not a time to be able to recover, I can only share memory protection.
2. The machine shop left hundreds of thousands of men with shared memories: The whirring and flapping of the belts.
3. This paper introduces fundamental and excellencies of shared memory network and reveals its limitations of serial transmission and so on used in the helicopter engineering simulator.
4. You cannot view the shared memory files (commonly referred as shm files) by using the cat utility generally used for file display in Linux since these shm files are in a binary format.
5. By default, the starting address of the instance shared memory is fixed at 0x10000000.
6. Shared Memory: A computer configuration in which the video circuitry lacks its own dedicated memory and must share, or drain off, a portion of the computer's main memory.
7. Performance counters use a memory mapped file, or shared memory, to publish performance data.
8. This includes pipes, semaphores, and shared memory.
9. RMM will also work over InfiniBand and shared memory, and can operate in either multicast (one-to-many) or unicast (one-to-one) mode.
10. Facilities include open file handles (file descriptors), shared memory, process synchronization primitives, and current directory.
11. Erlang has no shared memory, and in it all state is immutable.
12. The third argument—read_write—is the access specifier of the shared memory object.
13. But what does shared memory and private memory mean?
14. The shared memory anchor address, as seen by the master, is also set during configuration.
15. Shared memory allows multiple processes to map a portion of their virtual address to a common memory region.
16. Through shared memory to achieve inter - process communication!
17. Database shared memory: This refers to the database global memory, which is allocated when the database is activated or connected to for the first time.
18. To build a national identity takes more than just a shared memory of Soviet repression and occupation.
18. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
19. The weak performance of communication subsystem is one of the key issues that prevent software distributed shared memory systems(DSMs) from showing high performance.
20. There are some research on the optimization techniques which can improve the speedup of multimedia applications for the shared memory 2D SIMD architecture.
21. DB2.LOGINFO logs an informational message if the logging token exists in the shared memory.
22. When DB2 pulls data from disks, it places the data in a DB2 shared memory area.
23. This works well for a relatively small number of CPUs, but a problem with the shared bus can occur if you have dozens, and even hundreds, of CPUs competing for access to the shared memory bus.
24. To resolve the problem, run UDF in an unfenced mode or reduce database shared memory set to no more than 5 segments.
25. This project studies high - performance and high - reliability shared memory computing enviroment on cluster.
26. The IVM automatically created a VIOS paging device for each LPAR as part of the migration to shared memory.
27. By using CUDA's texture from linear memory, over-bound accessing is avoided. For reducing access of global memory, the algorithm employs CUDA's shared memory.
28. The task notifies the controller when a new intermediate result has been written and provides a handle to its shared memory location.
29. SHM VP: Handles the task of polling for new connections when the application is using the shared memory method of communication.
30. The system uses PC as its master computer and TMS 320 C 25 as the slave microprocessor, also adopts shared memory for parallel communication.
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