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Servo control in a sentence

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Sentence count:51Posted:2018-09-13Updated:2018-09-13
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1. This paper introduces the development of the servo control electronic yarn feed system and analyzes the warp knitting machine's let-off feedback deflection and the.
2. In the motor servo control system, need a pulse counter to take count of the number of pulse from photoelectric encoder of the motor.
3. Hydraulic driving proportion servo control system is adopted to regulate control electrode at EAF Plant.
4. A new - style missile actuator servo control system is studied in the dissertation.
5. The servo control system that can insulate ship - swaying interference was designed.
6. In the servo control system , traveling - wave ultrasonic motor ( TUSM ) need work in low speed.
7. At first, the pneumatic position servo control system is analyzed systemically.
8. The total oral distance system is position servo control system which includes electric, automation technology.
9. Completed the design of servo control card which including the DSP minimal systems, rotary encoder module, D/A converter circuit using the TMS320LF2407A as core control chip.
10. If the whole single AC servo control system is accomplish, farther research is must.
11. The control mechanism may be a servo control mechanism.
12. It introduces the recently-developed BKD series of distance-controlled servo control system of variable-section automobile plate spring mill.
13. Servo control system is not easily smooth as low speed follow - up.
14. A dynamical servo control strategy was proposed to control the terminal of an underactuated 2-link robot to track a given trajectory or an object during its brachiation.
15. Position servo control system of the Shear - flash Buttmachine is the critical link to ensure welding quality.
16. The fully digital AC servo control system of a three axis brushless flight simulator is studied.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. A multiple interrupt system was used in the modular CNC system to realize linear servo control and position servo control to complete the automatic turning of the non-circular parts.
18. The results of simulation show that mathematical model of neural networks of electro-hydraulic servo control system has better precision and the algorithm has ability to approximate error of global.
19. It is a research keystone to make robot simulate human's behaviors, so this paper intro- duces a multi- servo control model to realize the robot to learn and simulate the actions of human.
20. Stability control is one of the core technologies of the photoelectric stabilized platform servo control.
21. Laminated spring is taken as the object of force servo control system test based on the electrohydraulic force servo control system experiment platform.
22. Position loop servo system with sliding mode controller, improved accuracy of position tracking servo system, to further improved the system of permanent magnet servo control performance.
23. The zero position circuit is designed, so that the absolute speed of zero and zero angle bit precision align, meeting the requirements of servo control system.
24. The algorithm also combines correlation matching with the control characteristic of servo system, selects the matching area more reasonably, and thus enables a faster servo control speed.
25. And old-fashioned hydraulic test machine and electronic universal testing machine servo control system of the computer, automatic acquisition and data processing system transformation.
26. The new manner of active constraint force to control the machinery is broadened the apply of Lagrange equation and break a new thinking for the servo control.
27. Electrical load control device from the computer operating system and servo control software.
28. Considering the visual serving, this paper proposed a model independent uncalibration visual servo control method.
29. The experimental result shown the control method is available for AC servo control system.
30. This paper carries out the thorough analysis and research to the momental load simulator by means of electro hydraulic servo control to realize loading.
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