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Serpentine in a sentence

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Sentence count:57+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-07Updated:2017-02-07
Synonym: snakelikesnakySimilar words: continentincontinentsubcontinentquarantineelephantinerentingparentingpenitentiaryMeaning: adj. resembling a serpent in form. random good picture
1. We followed the serpentine course of the river.
2. The film's serpentine plot was difficult to follow.
3. Beside the still waters of the Serpentine she lay down and slept.
4. Its proposed costly serpentine curve makes sense there, but not necessarily elsewhere.
5. They were following the concrete channel of the serpentine rill, which emptied itself into a pool of stygian blackness.
6. Her dark blonde hair and serpentine figure drew the approval of Sir Charles Webb-Bowen himself.
7. Vent valves along serpentine pipes hissed.
8. Serpentine layering Climbers such as clematis, jasmine, wisteria and honeysuckle root wherever their long pliable stems touch the soil.
9. Sometimes, it is not the serpentine plots, but the dramatic realism that requires a second viewing.
10. There are serpentine steps leading up from the road.
11. Two vaguely serpentine exters detached themselves from the group.
12. Proving very popular are the new serpentine bedside cabinets in real satinwood handpainted with classical motifs, at about £600.
13. Olivine has been completely altered to serpentine, talc, and amphibole in the BORE-hole examined in detail.
14. Serpentine often contains some asbestos , and should be used with caution .
15. In London, swimmers take the plunge in the Serpentine lake, on Christmas day.
16. From each island proceeded a serpentine trail.
17. Anl ■ - jade is a serpentine jade of the lizardite type.
18. Capone: Has it been fun seeing yourself rendered serpentine for the two films your are in?
19. Picture a serpentine tangle of a thousand snakes, piled together cozily, calm and sleek in their subterranean nook, jointly awaiting the signals of spring.
20. In this thesis, an improved serpentine delay line is proposed in order to eliminate the far-end crosstalk encountered in the traditional serpentine delay line.
21. Difference property serpentine had been contrasted and obtained some significant results.
22. The acid leaching kinetics of serpentine was researched.
23. The color of serpentine jade is mainly yellow-green[], the lemon-yellow serpentine jade is quite rare.
24. One part of the Serpentine is kept for swimmers.
25. The effect of gangue minerals (serpentine, olivine and augite) containing magnesium onpentlandite flotation has been studied in this paper.
26. And my narcissus bulbs were artistically arranged in a kind of serpentine wall around the whole thing.
27. The method is presented for preparation metasilicate pentahydrate from residue after extracting magnesium from serpentine ore.
28. ACMC - a modified carloxy methy cellulose ( CMC ) is an effective serpentine gangue depressant.
29. The semi - solid feedstock of A 356 aluminum alloy was prepared through a serpentine pouring channel.
30. It is going to be built next to the Serpentine, a 40 acre artificial lake.
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