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Selloff in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-07-01Updated:2017-07-01
Similar words: sell offwell offwell-offtell offsmell ofsell outcounselloryellow-belliedMeaning: n. a sale of a relatively large number of assets (stocks or bonds or commodities) at a low price typically done to dispose of them rather than as normal trade. random good picture
(1) The sell-off is aimed at repositioning the company as a publisher principally of business information.
(2) The privatisation of the electricity industry-the biggest sell-off of them all.
(3) Investors are set to make a killing from the sell-off.
(4) Unless safeguards are introduced, sell-offs will occur.
(5) With no new junk deals sold yet this year, demand outweighed pressure from the sell-off in Treasurys, traders added.
(6) The lack of drinking water in the state is expected to force further sell-offs this summer.
(7) With the Treasury market sell-off, buyers saw higher-yielding mortgagebacked bonds as a safe harbor, traders said.
(8) Has any account been taken of the record of those advisers in past sell-offs?
(9) The selloff could begin this fall and continue into 1997, said Chuck Lambert, chief economist for the association.
(10) But Wall Street shrugged off fears of a further sell-off as leading stock markets rebounded strongly on Monday.
(11) The selloff in tech stocks happened, and the big players at aggressive growth funds started buying REITs.
(12) Certainly that is what yesterday's steep sell-off in the equity markets may suggest.
(13) That enabled the Belfast Telegraph, for example, to carry a huge article on the real cost of the sell-off.
(14) Yesterday, as the sell-off gained momentum, the stock plunged 31 / 4 to close at 281 / 4 on Nasdaq.
(15) Would the Minister find it acceptable if the same sort of windfall profits were made by the beneficiaries of the sell-offs?
(16) The sell-offs had a dramatic effect because some of the businesses were loss-makers which dragged down profits last time.
(17) George Dunn, chief executive of the Tenant Farmers' Association, said the sell-off was weighted against farmers.
(18) "This sparked a substantial selloff at the open before the better-than-expected inflation report assuaged the market and sparked a round of short-covering," Canavan said.
(19) "Every time we get a selloff or a whiff of worry, money comes in from the sidelines(," says MFS's Mr. Swanson.
(20) The quick selloff was said to be induced by stop-loss orders that many investors place on these shares, which trigger a sale if the share price moves a certain amount.
(21) If we selloff today and break this trendline we bounce next week.
(22) The intensity of Monday's selloff prompted some investors to question whether are ripe for a turnaround.
(23) It is during capitulation that a selloff course, and prices begin to feel for bottom.
(24) Fear about the future of his and Galleon's investments triggered a selloff Monday.
(25) Italian Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti voiced frustration at the pace of the ECB response to a selloff of Italian stocks and bonds over the last three weeks.
(26) But regulator's move last week stoked concerns of a funding squeeze for the sector and sparked a selloff in shares and bonds in many other Hong Kong-listed Chinese developers.
(27) There is probably more substance to their statements now because we have had such a selloff.
(28) Typically, they have stepped in and started buying when we've seen a selloff.
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