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Selling price in a sentence

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Sentence count:71Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
Similar words: ceiling priceasking priceself-fulfilling prophecyselling pointsellingbest-sellingcounsellingshort sellingMeaning: n. the price at which something is offered for sale. random good picture
(1) The selling price barely covered the cost of the raw materials.
(2) The average selling price for flats in the area was reckoned to be around £11,000.
(3) The game's selling price was $ 15 per unit.
(4) If the selling price is greater than the cost price, then a profit is made.
(5) Selling price is around £30, from Argos, Texas, other major chain and d-i-y stores, and specialist electrical shops.
(6) The £450,000 selling price was nearly a third under its value.
(7) What is the selling price? 4 A three-piece suite costs £350.
(8) This is a percentage of the selling price of these music products.
(9) Now developers claimed[], often by a minimum selling price.
(10) Current selling price, sales channel and the warranty issues will remain unchanged.
(11) If the stock has lost value, the selling price will be greater than the price.
(12) The multiple listing data indicates the average selling price for Regina and area homes was actually $187,129 in the final three months of the year.
(13) You can set the actual selling price!
(14) But selling price in this economy requires more than a pretty face.
(15) Use this price for the minimum selling price on your auction.
(16) CVP analysis assumes that the selling price is constant.
(17) KATE MCKENNA: We know their selling price, but what's their unit cost?
(18) An average of 10 to 14 percent of the record's retail selling price is the average for a new band.
(19) We can calculate the price per unit along the following lines: However, this only yields an average selling price.
(20) Retailers can expect a 35-38 percent share of the selling price.
(21) The Northern responded to three newspaper advertisements placed by people selling the sought-after vouchers and asked the selling price.
(22) Believe it or not there was lively bidding for this slice of history at Christies ... the selling price was 990 pounds.
(23) The amount of profit is the difference between the selling price and the cost price.
(24) Import duties, freight charges, local taxes, agency commission, were all built into the selling price.
(25) Capital gains tax is levied on the difference between the selling price and the buying price of an asset.
(26) Above this line standard uplifts for selling expenses and budgeted profit are added to arrive at average selling price.
(27) The recoverable amount is the higher of an asset's net selling price and value in use.
(28) Instead of trying to pinpoint the exact value for your house , the bank appraiser will use the selling price as a starting point , and then test it for reasonableness .
(29) The recoverable amount is the higher of AN asset's net selling price ANd value in use.
(30) This is amount by which we propose to reduce our selling price.
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