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Self-interest in a sentence

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Similar words: conflict of interestinterestvested interestin the interest ofinterestedinterestingdisinterestinterest rateMeaning: n. 1. taking advantage of opportunities without regard for the consequences for others 2. concern for your own interests and welfare. 
1 The company's donation was surely motivated by self-interest, as it attracted a lot of media attention.
2 His election campaign appeals more to enlightened self-interest than to self-sacrifice.
3 Their current protests are motivated purely by self-interest.
4 It's just self-interest parading as concern for your welfare.
5 He helped us out of charity, not self-interest.
6 His offer was motivated solely by self-interest.
7 His judgement was warped by self-interest.
8 Faction and self-interest appear to be the norm.
9 She was motivated solely by self-interest.
10 Not all of them were acting out of self-interest.
11 His supposed generosity is merely a form of self-interest.
12 He is motivated entirely by self-interest.
13 All his decisions have been entirely governed by self-interest.
14 Because that self-interest has continued, we have maintained our membership, even though we continue to run an imbalance on our trade.
15 People participate in the club for reasons of self-interest rather than altruism.
16 The universally-shared human motive of rational self-interest makes human action predictable, generalisable and controllable.
17 Self-interest now propels both Clinton and Republican leaders in Congress to reach accommodation on issues that long have divided them.
18 Moreover,[] it is not sustainable by the self-interest of the firms.
19 He complained that there was a tendency to equate right-wing politics with self-interest.
20 Directors may be tempted to act in their own self-interest.
21 I think it would be a gross distortion of reality to say that they were motivated by self-interest.
22 Licensed dealers offered a personal service, but this was marred by their self-interest.
23 Advertising is most effective when it appeals directly to people's self-interest.
24 Even the pope recently reproached local politicians on a visit to Naples for their self-interest and neglect of their constituents.
25 Takla Haymanot of Gojjam, another of John's powerful and ambitious subjects, was also motivated solely by self-interest.
26 Blasting through the grey language that usually cloaks such matters he accuses the Fund of corruption, self-interest and deceit.
27 The old ties of obligation were replaced by pursuit of self-interest and the pursuit of capital accumulation.
28 Rose Tsai and Julie Lee and their like-minded neighbors on the west side are pushing issues that smack of conservative economic self-interest.
29 This paper has provided an example of how the self-interest of solicitors is a more helpful way of viewing this group.
30 A whole range of behaviour is subsumed under the umbrella of bureaucratic self-interest.
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