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Self-discovery in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: discoveryrediscoveryself-disciplineself-disciplineddiscoverdiscoveredrediscoverself-directedMeaning: n. discovering your own individuality. random good picture
1. Going to college can be a voyage of self-discovery.
2. Her own journey/voyage of self-discovery started as she was recovering from a severe illness.
3. Self-discovery lies at the heart of changing skills and behaviors.
4. Goldilocks' embarkation on her voyage of self-discovery begins with her trying to peek into the bears' house.
5. But dreams are actually an important part of self-discovery.
6. It is not just self-discovery, but also self-fulfillment.
7. Self-discovery replaced self-mastery as the primary path to maturity, and we got a thousand novels and memoirs about young peoples' search for identity.
8. It's a process of self-discovery.
9. As the two men embark on a journey of self-discovery, the haunting music of Gigli punctuates their revelations.
10. This book provides some hint of insight into his quest of self-discovery.
11. They need to learn how to perform as facilitators who guide others toward self-discovery as well as experts who provide the answers.
12. I find inspiration in the quest of others for self-discovery, especially when they express this through the metaphor of food.
13. We promote intellectual, creative, and emotional growth in our students by providing a structured, supportive learning environment that encourages self-discovery and social responsibility.
14. No matter what the outcome, this is a self-awareness and self-discovery of the opportunities that will let you take the more steady, will let you play the game better.
15. And so we grow older believing that we are nothing but ourselves, steadfastly shunning the opportunities of self-discovery and personal growth that solitude could bring us.
16. David left his boring job to go on a journey of self-discovery .
17. Jacqui said: "I love seeing my body change every time Curly tattoos me. It's an incredible journey of self-discovery.
18. Full of misunderstanding, tricking, and teasing in the novel,[sentence dictionary] Emma by the famous British writer Jane Austen in early 19th century is often conceived of as a comedy of self-deceit and self-discovery.
19. This former Noxian soldier has forsaken her malevolent compatriots on a quest for self-discovery, wielding a shattered sword to remind her of the fractured world she left behind.
20. But to live with abandon, we must live one day at a time, savoring the little victories, realizing that life is an endless journey in self-discovery and personal fullfillment.
21. But to live with abandon, we must live one day at a time , savoring the little victories, realizing that life is an endless journey in self-discovery and personal fulfillment.
22. We ought now to substitute the faith in evidence with the knowledge of self-discovery.
23. It has been said that there is never a single step wasted on the journey to self-discovery and self-fulfilment – no matter how small.
24. Newly divorced and at a crossroads, Gilbert steps out of her comfort zone, risking everything to change her life, embarking on a journey around the world that becomes a quest for self-discovery.
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