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Secondary coil in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2019-04-14Updated:2019-04-14
Similar words: secondary colorsecondaryboundary conditionsecondary datasecondary sourcesecondary memorysecondary schoolsecondary marketMeaning: n. coil such that current is induced in it by passing a current through the primary coil. 
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1, The transformer has a primary coil and a secondary coil.
2, Eight leading wires of the secondary coil are respectively connected with eight wiring terminals of the secondary coil.
3, In the palper, with resonance between the secondary coil of suspension transforMer and capacitance load the active ESS has been developed.
4, The induced electromotive force at the secondary coil can be got by changing the flux of the primary coil.
5, Find the current in the secondary coil of the transformer.
6, The primary coil terminal and secondary coil terminal are located in the same side of shell belong to the same alternative current (AC) polar.
7, When the core is displaced, the inductive reactance of the secondary coil is unbalanced.
8, The invention discloses a current transformer, which comprises a primary coil, a secondary coil, an iron core and a shell.
9, Here's a dependable piece of equipment that's built with high insulation between sections of the secondary coil and a reliable circuit breaker.
10, Ignition coil primary winding. Current flow through the coil produces an electromagnetic field, which is used to induce a high voltage in the secondary coil.
11, Plasmatron is a transformer in which plasma serves as a secondary coil.
12, Trace 3 is from an oscilloscope probe placed 300mm away from the secondary coil.
13, The sensor is made up of original circuit, magnetic core, Hall part,( coil.html) secondary coil and magnifier. There are two work modes: direct measure mode and closed-loop mode.
14, A transformer model, in which the plasma is considered as the secondary coil, is applied for analyzation and calculation.
15, The fluctuating magnetic field cutting across the turns of loops of wire of the secondary coil sets up an electrical pressure or voltage in these loops.
16, The optimization is mainly embodied in the power supply, whose input is the secondary coil of the isolation transformer, and the reliability of infrared communication.
17, In this regulator system, a DSP controls bi-directional IGBT triggered and turn-off at zero-crossing to control different combination of secondary coil and realize AC voltage stabilization.
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