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Seaworthiness in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-05-15Updated:2018-05-15
Similar words: worthinessunworthinessairworthinesstrustworthinesscreditworthinessseaworthyworthlessnesspithinessMeaning: n. fitness to traverse the seas. 
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1. It didn't reach required standards of safety and seaworthiness.
2. For the transportation insurance, we need data on seaworthiness and classification of the ship scheduled to carry our good.
3. This Certificate is related only to the seaworthiness of the above-mentioned tugboat and platform for this ocean towage.
4. This had to ensure the vehicle good seaworthiness and the ability to take off and land on water with waves up to 0.7 m.
5. Ship working violently and secured movable things for seaworthiness.
6. My vessel is in seaworthiness when navigating in Yangtze River.
7. Liability for seaworthiness is one of"least legal obligations"of carriers.
8. Thirdly, the economics of seaworthiness ship type was analyzed.
9. Roll motion prediction has become a very important issue. It is of great significance to enhance the ships seaworthiness .
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10. In order to provide the space needed to improve weapons systems and to improve seaworthiness.
11. Tokugawaxenophobia increased the risks of wreck or drift. To prevent sailors goingabroad, shipbuilding rules restricted the seaworthiness of Japanese vessels.
12. Because ship rolling is the heaviest motion of a ship in waves, it is important to study ship rolling modeling and prediction in order to improve ship's seaworthiness and wave-resistance.
13. Trial results of the vehicle indicate that the new sidewaller is of low resistance, good seaworthiness, good steering quality and is economical in operation.
14. This article briefly analyses the applicable law and the conclusion forms of the voyage charters, warranty of seaworthiness, deviation, payment of freight, cancellation of voyage charters etc.
15. If the Republican Party continues to think that the problem lies with the rats, rather than the seaworthiness of the ship, then the Obamacons are here to stay.
16. Each rescue aviation corps must before the typhoon approaches assures airplane's security, seaworthiness.
17. Shipowners are required to arrange with qualified seafarer by the ship's seaworthiness. But there always much depute on what is qualified seafarer.
18. Chapter II presents the effect of ISM Code on the seaworthiness of ships and exemption, as well as being manned with qualified seafarers.
19. Implied warranties mainly include the warranty of legality and seaworthiness of ship, and express warranties are agreed by both parties.
20. Compared with the Savoy-62b Beriev flying boat slightly yielded in speed, but excelled in seaworthiness, and takeoff and landing characteristics.
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