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Scriptwriter in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-11-06Updated:2017-11-06
Similar words: ghostwriterscreenwriterscriptscriptedsubscriptscriptureprescriptconscriptMeaning: n. someone who writes scripts for plays or movies or broadcast dramas. 
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1) The scriptwriter helped him to adapt his novel for the screen.
2) But scriptwriter and narrator Indra Sinha said the video emphasised the meeting of minds as well as bodies.
3) William Holden plays a hack scriptwriter down on his luck, and his purple prose gives the film its biting tone.
4) The award-winning scriptwriter has been talking of reviving the hit sitcom for years but he has been busy on other projects.
5) And without a scriptwriter, too.
6) A scriptwriter is in charge of writing shooting scripts, turning the ideas into reality based on the knowledge of television and needs of programs.
7) Therefore, in recent scriptwriter can only minimize the focus on this actor's Xifen.
8) He is a professional scriptwriter and is deeply interested in modern China and its youth culture.
9) It appears then that the work of the scriptwriter and that of the director are actually the same even though the two individuals work with different tools.
10) Dead Alive is something a scriptwriter would write as a meat packing plant insurance scam, be caught because it's retarded, then found innocent by reason of insanity.
11) The scriptwriter also borrowed from Obama's life the notion of a superstar candidate.
12) Honestly,[] not even the best scriptwriter could come up with the revelations that followed in the police investigation and eventual trial.
13) Ozu and his scriptwriter , Kogo Noda, often centered their plots upon getting a daughter married, a situation around which an array of characters' lives could be revealed.
14) Very dissatisfied with the director and scriptwriter of the film, which, strong protest!
15) This script was also edited by the scriptwriter of "Infernal Affairs" and him.
16) Film director , scriptwriter and so have many of the worth noting .
17) Film scripts Hou Hsiao - hsien and France scriptwriter Fulanmagelin I write.
18) Sir Peter Ustinov, the actor, director, playwright, novelist, scriptwriter and mimic, died in Switzerland at the age of 82.
19) In accepting this award, I would like to thank the producer, the director, the scriptwriter and, lastly, the film crew.
20) Patrick, who completed his first short feature as he turned thirty, is a scriptwriter.
21) Fellini lacked any formal training in cinematography and developed his personal style only after a long apprenticeship as a scriptwriter.
22) Faithless is the result of a close collaboration between Ullmann and her scriptwriter, who is none other than Ingmar Bergman.
23) After university he was employed by the Nigeria Broadcasting Service as a scriptwriter, which led to his first visit to the UK to attend a BBC training course.
24) A third group, generally rather small, comprises the makers (the scriptwriter and director of your fantasy story, say).
25) The Twilight star has been cast as Snow White in the upcoming film Snow White and The Huntsman, according to a tweet from the co-producer and scriptwriter of the film, Palak Patel.
26) Then, Jingdong Qingchun set up classes as became a scriptwriter trillion, actress.
27) I didn't really know how to carve, but as a scriptwriter I had been influenced by the French theater of the absurd, especially Beckett's Waiting for Godot and Ionesco's The Bald Soprano.
28) Against large U. S. city to Hollywood legend, Hollywood all over the world gathered in a large number of top director, scriptwriter , star, stunt personnel.
29) In addition to the impact of the Movie Producers and Distributors, the financial crisis also provided a Hollywood scriptwriter more new material.
30) Leonardo DiCaprio's kiss with his male co-star will be "tender", says the scriptwriter for the movie.
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