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Scarcity in a sentence

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Synonym: scarcenessSimilar words: carcinomasscarcecarcinogenicscarcelyintercitycarrying capacitynarcissismscarMeaning: n. a small and inadequate amount. 
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(1) Old properties in the town have acquired a scarcity value.
(2) This scarcity is inevitable in less developed countries.
(3) There is a great scarcity of food in the drought-stricken areas.
(4) In times of scarcity, lions will travel great distances in search of food.
(5) The scarcity of skilled workers is worrying the government.
(6) Their price depended almost entirely on their scarcity.
(7) The scarcity of food forced prices up.
(8) The scarcity of housing here is mostly the result of the intense interest and enormous purchasing power of international buyers.
(9) The scarcity of medical supplies was becoming critical.
(10) Thus, he conceded that a scarcity of workers might keep wages above the subsistence level for an indefinite time.
(11) Perhaps, in some future haunted by scarcity, the unthinkable may be thinkable after all.
(12) Compounding scarcity is the growing problem of water degradation caused by saltwater intrusions, chemical pollutants, and human sewage.
(13) Scarcity of resources and marketing opportunities Companies are restricted by a shortage of resources from pursuing every identifiable marketing opportunity.
(14) Furthermore, the causes of fuelwood scarcity must seem remote and diffuse to the average urban dweller.
(15) In other words, a scarcity value attaches at present to the possession of a licence.
(16) Further, the justification that channel scarcity requires the government to regulate the content of broadcasting no longer exists.
(17) Television scarcity, compared to print, no longer provides a rationale to regulate electronic media while letting newspapers and magazines alone.
(18) Moreover, they suffer from a scarcity of books, and from pedagogical methods that rely on the memorization of class lectures.
(19) The world is entering a period of protein scarcity, the report says.
(20) In the Third World land scarcity among the poor is due to skewed ownership, not an overload of people.
(21) Scarcity value apart, the Stag is made of the right stuff by classic yardsticks.
(22) There's no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love. There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen. Wayne Dyer 
(23) In the public sector, scarcity is more important than price.
(24) They also believe that building skyscrapers helps to solve the problem of the growing scarcity of land in the city.
(25) Unhappily, habits which may have had some virtue in times of scarcity became vices in times of relative abundance.
(26) The debate about the depletion of the ozone layer has been so far hampered by a scarcity of data.
(27) When we feel good about the choices we're making and when we're engaging with the world from a place of worthiness rather than scarcity, we feel no need to judge and attack. Brene Brown 
(28) He supposes that technological process will eliminate the problem of scarcity of resources.
(29) Some practices may balk at this degree of rigour, especially given the relative scarcity of trained counsellors.
(30) They all had a long tradition of agrarian troubles, and all suffered from overpopulation and land scarcity.
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